Hells Angels' deadly enemy moves in

MONGOL MC - a vicious southern Californian outlaw bikie gang that is the sworn enemy of the Hells Angels - is setting up in Sydney. In the US, Mongols are under instructions to kill Hells Angels on sight. They also have a reputations for shooting at and blowing up police stations.

The Mongols set up a six-member chapter on the central coast in December and plan another chapter in Sydney, gang squad police sources say. They fear it will add to tensions between the Hells Angels, Comanchero, Nomad and Notorious bikie gangs over control of the drug trade and protection rackets.

Mongol Nation, as it is also known, was formed in 1969 by Hispanic Vietnam War veterans who were refused entry to the Hells Angels because of their race. There are chapters in Mexico, New Zealand, Germany and Italy.