Hawkesbury Gazette
Friday, 1 July
Pandemic payments end despite COVID surge
Maeve Bannister and Andrew Brown1hr ago
It is important to expand the use of antivirals to help contain COVID-19, Mark Butler says.
Delusional man used guitar to kill
Margaret Scheikowski1hr ago
A man infatuated with a woman has been found not criminally responsible for killing her partner.
Tom Melville Laura Carolina Corrigan
The Roadkill State
Tom Melville Laura Carolina Corrigan
Wildlife rescuer Rowan Wigmore says roadkill should be moved 20 metres from the road to stop scavengers getting hit too. Photo: Paul Scambler
What happened to Bendigo's Chinese miners?
Laura Carolina Corrigan
More than 150 people carry the Chinese dragon's during Bendigo's Easter parade. Photo: Glenn Daniels