Princess room a Starlight Wish come true for 7-year-old Vishwa of Marsden Park

Seven-year-old Vishwa from Marsden Park was gifted the bedroom of her dreams last week as the Starlight Children's Foundation granted her a Starlight Wish.

Vishwa has spent the majority of her life in hospital. Diagnosed with kidney disease at just two weeks old, Vishwa has endured months on end in hospital, and a grueling kidney transplant at the age of four.

Earlier this year, the family was served another devastating blow - Vishwa was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

Amid so much pain and heartache, came the happiness the family needed when Vishwa was granted her Starlight Wish.

Vishwa loves playing princesses so she wished for a special 'Princess Room' for her and sister Rishwa.

Fit for a princess, Vishwa's new bedroom includes a large princess bed, pink barbie wallpaper, a princess vanity, dress ups and all things pink and fluffy. She also received some more special surprises including a Barbie Dream House and special limited-edition Barbies.

Vishwa saw her finished room for the very first time just days before Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.

She declared her new room "beautiful" and said her favourite part was "everything, but mostly the wall, dressing table, costumes, and the photos they pinned up."

Vishwa's mum said she was "shocked" at how beautiful the room was and how thoughtful the gesture from the Starlight Foundation: "To see her this happy after such a long time, we're just so wrapped."

Vishwa's Princess Room marks the start of the Starlight Starlight Children's Foundation's 2020 Christmas Appeal, aiming to raise $1.3 million to help over 30,000 sick kids and teens in hospital and the community this Christmas.

CEO of Starlight, Louise Baxter, said: "During this special time of year, there are no less sick kids. With infection control paramount, sick kids undergoing treatment are spending even more time in hospital rooms and are more isolated than ever. At a time traditionally spent with family and friends, current restrictions mean many in hospital will have only one loved one to help them celebrate Christmas Day."

Donations to the appeal can be made at