A natural penchant for earthy tones | Trending

A natural penchant for earthy tones | Trending

Craving the simple things in life? Pare it back by surrounding yourself with soft, earthy neutrals.

Cambie pendant, $699. Beautiful lighting is all about the shape and the intensity of the light it casts around the room. freedom.com.au

Sahara Sands safari jacket, $979. A luxe take on the ever-popular utility jacket. carlazampatti.com.au

Sling bag, $39.95. Woven bags are often made using natural fibres and versatile enough to take to the beach or the bush. sportsgirl.com.au

Tiered maxi dress, $349. A flattering frock that's perfect for the summer months ahead. au.swfboutique.com

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Fenty beauty snap shadows mix and match eyeshadow palette, $39. Pictured is the #1 True Neutrals sextet, a soft and subtle option to add your make-up bag. sephora.com.au

Neala heels, $139.95. Put your best foot forward in a timeless pair of nude-coloured shoes. ninewest.com.au

Circlet cushion, $59.99. Covered with tassels and texture, this cushion gets away with it thanks to the neutral base. linenhouse.com

Write It Down paperbag high waisted shorts, $55. Team these with a more fitted top, so the scrunch at the waist isn't hidden. nastygal.com.au

Westermann mousse throw, $199.99. A light throw is just enough for those milder nights. sheridan.com.au