Males from Sackville, South Windsor arrested over domestic violence

Hawkesbury Police were involved in two domestic violence-related arrests last weekend.

Hawkesbury Police attended a residential address in Sackville on the evening of Saturday, October 17 in relation to a report of domestic violence. A 29-year-old from Sackville was arrested and taken to Windsor Police Station where he was charged with an offence on September 26 along with offences on October 17.

He was charged with, 'Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm' and 'Intimidation' and 'Assault'. An Apprehended Domestic Violence Order was applied for and served on the male at the Police Station.

Also, in the early evening of Friday, October 16, a 40-year-old male from South Windsor was arrested by Hawkesbury Police at a residential premises in South Windsor in relation to a Breach AVO offence. An AVO was in place restricting the male from attending the premises police found him at.

The male was taken to Windsor Police Station and later charged with the offence of, 'Contravene Prohibition/restriction in AVO'. Bail was refused and the male was placed directly before Parramatta Court.