Calls for safe driving around Windsor roundabout at George, Bridge Streets

WHILE construction continues on the Windsor Bridge replacement project, motorists are reminded to drive to the conditions, and follow the directions of any signs and traffic control through work sites.

As part of the project, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is replacing the roundabout at George and Bridge streets, with an upgraded traffic light intersection to be installed later this year, which a TfNSW spokesperson said would "increase safety for all road users and pedestrians, and improve traffic flow."

In the meantime, the intersection still operates as a roundabout, and motorists are advised to heed caution in the area.

Windsor resident Treacy Bugeja said she had witnessed - and been involved in - near accidents while using the makeshift roundabout, which is currently marked by white painted lines on the road.

"You see near misses on a daily basis, especially around peak time. You pretty much have to hold your breath and run the gauntlet to get through," Ms Bugeja told the Gazette.

She called on motorists using the roundabout to "be courteous and slow down".

"Exiting George Street from the peninsula side, going towards the Macquarie Arms, you nearly have to be in the roundabout before you can see what's coming," she said.

"If people come screaming across the bridge - which they do all the time now - they don't stop."

She called on TfNSW to install flashing signs warning motorists coming from all directions that there was still a roundabout in place at the intersection, so they would have enough time to slow down accordingly.

"I think they need to have something there to make people aware it's still a roundabout," she said.

TfNSW reminded motorists that, when entering a roundabout, they must slow or stop to give way to any vehicle already in the roundabout.

"They must also continue to use indicators if they intend to turn left or right, or make a U-turn," the TfNSW spokesperson said.

"Road rules must be obeyed at all times and are enforceable - this includes in work sites."