BIG W's kids book program and collaboration with the Wiggles is here to help

At the end of January BIG W launched their much-loved Free Books for Kids Program with an exciting new chapter.

Iconic children's entertainers, The Wiggles, are collaborating with BIG W to produce their 'Here to Help' series.

Here to help: The Wiggles debut the first book in an eight-part series of children's books in collaboration with BIG W. Picture Supplied.

Here to help: The Wiggles debut the first book in an eight-part series of children's books in collaboration with BIG W. Picture Supplied.

The series is a collection of eight exclusive educational books targeting toddlers and pre-schoolers, and shares the important things toddlers need to know as they grow.

They cover everything from safety at home, in the water, in the car; to understanding feelings and being thoughtful; as well as the importance of eating a healthy diet, washing your hands and having fun.

"Our 'Here to Help' series is all about showing children important life lessons in an engaging way, said Anthony Field, the Blue Wiggle.

"When other family members become involved or encourage the reading experience it can lead to a very positive, worthwhile, bonding moment. We're proud to partner with BIG W on this program, providing children with access to books and supporting Aussie families."

The first book in the series will be 'The Wiggles: Here to Help - Splish, splash, safety!' which aims to educate children about staying safe in and around the water.

Meredith Drake, BIG W's Category Manager for Books, says providing access to books is at the core of the program.

"We want all children and parents to know the joy of reading together and reap the benefits of this precious time with one another," she said.

"Every day is a big day when you're a busy parent, so BIG W is helping, through our partnership with The Wiggles, to provide access to books that assist with children's development and provide priceless bonding moments."

BIG W is hoping to ensure access to the books for as many families as possible and will behave the 'Here to Help' books available on BIG W's YouTube channel, read by the Wiggles each week. The first time this has happened since the programs launch.

This ensures Aussies who don't live near a BIG W store can still benefit from the Free Books For Kids Program.

Additionally, BIG W is partnering with Good360 Australia to offer 40,000 story books to children and families who are within the network of over 1,600 of Good360's member charities and disadvantaged schools.

Alison Covington, Founder and Managing Director of Good360 Australia, believes the donation will be well received.

"This wonderful donation of 40,000 books by BIG W will be distributed to disadvantaged families with young children at a time that will provide some relief from the devastation caused by the bushfires this summer," said Alison.

BIG W is giving away over 2.6 million books nationally during the campaign, taking the total number of books given away in the Free Books for Kids Program to over nine million since it launched one year ago, in February 2019.

The first of the eight-part 'Here to Help' series was released on Thursday, January 30 and will continue to be released on a weekly basis throughout February and March.