Hawkesbury Valley members deliver various good and resources to Batlow

Members from Hawkesbury Valley Rugby Club (HVRC) came together this past weekend to deliver goods and resources to Batlow, where ex-club president and life member Matt Rudd now lives.

The town has been ravaged by the fires and after current club member, Anthony Connon, saw the extent of the devastation he put a call out to members of Hawkesbury Valley asking for people to donate a few things that Anthony and another club man could drive down to Batlow.

"We started off with just two of us and two utes, but one of the boys who owns a truck offered to lend his time and his truck to help," said Anthony.

"We have received so much, it started with someone donating 150 cases of water, then someone added a pallet ... people have been giving us money to help out."

Anthony and other loaded up over eight pallets worth of goods and were planning to go out on Friday and buy some linen and stock to also deliver.

The group left at 3:30am on Saturday morning and returned home at 7:30pm that evening.

"Driving into Batlow was so confronting," said Anthony.

"The damage and devastation was like being on another planet.

"The locals were almost embarrassed to accept our donations but at the same time they were so thankful.

"We got to meet the resident who was first to lose his home to the fires, we gave him vouchers and the look in his eyes was of absolute gratitude.

"It was a very humbling experience and HVRC will being doing something in the near future to help them out some more."