1080 baiting program to be rolled out on select Hawkesbury properties

Greater Sydney Local Land Services is leading a wild dog and fox control program on select Hawkesbury suburbs between September 23 and October 28.

Landholders are participating in the program and will be laying 1080 baits on their properties.

A wild fox. Picture: Wolter Peeters

A wild fox. Picture: Wolter Peeters

Properties included in the program are in the following suburbs: Bilpin, Kurrajong Heights, Upper Colo, Wilberforce, Yarramundi, Mountain Lagoon, Kurrajong Hills, Tennyson, Mellong, North Richmond, Richmond, Sackville and Cattai.

Also included in the program are properties on the outskirts of Hawkesbury located in the following suburbs: Mountain Lagoon, Yellow Rock, Glenmore Park, Blackheath, Megalong Valley, Glenorie, Winmalee and Megalong Valley.

LLS has appealed to locals to please restrain all domestic pets during this time.

For a list of addresses of properties included in the program, email jacob.french@lls.nsw.gov.au or call 0438 073 749.