GSSA Are sending a young rhythmic gymnastics group to National Clubs

GSSA gymnastics in South Windsor is sending a young team of eight rhythmic gymnasts to compete at the 2019 National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival.

Currently being held on Queensland's Gold Coast, the event sees the best gymnasts from around Australia competing across all forms.

Off to Nationals: The GSSA team of young rhythmic gymnasts competing at the 2019 National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival. Picture: Supplied.

Off to Nationals: The GSSA team of young rhythmic gymnasts competing at the 2019 National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival. Picture: Supplied.

Despite being a relatively young and smaller club, GSSA is starting to make a name for itself in the wider gymnastics community as it slowly builds squads and facilities.

The club recently hosted a regional rhythmic gymnastics competition for the first time, and had very good results with eight of the girls being selected for the nationals competition the first time for many of them.

GSSA rhythmic gymnastics coach Melissa Fletcher is proud of how much the girls have improved and how many will head to compete at the nationals this year.

"We have quite a wide variety of experience in the squad, with girls who have been competing for three or four years and girls who this is their first year competing," she said..

"So it's very exciting on a number of levels, as the girls who have been there before are keen to go back ... and the girls who haven't been before are excited to go."

The squad competed in a state championship recently that saw the two NSW zones - north and south - meet for the first time this year.

"Gymnastics NSW split the state into two zones due to the growing popularity of the sport," Ms Fletcher said.

"Normally we're well aware of who the top athletes are and who is performing well, but this year we were going in half blind, as we knew our side of things but not the other."

Leading up to the competition the girls worked on not only individual routines but also multiples - or groups of two, three or four - as they perfect their technique, Ms Fletcher said.

"They are practising all of those things that they get points for, that the judges reward for and minimise things that will lead judges to take points away," she said.

"So it's a lot of routines, a lot of repetition. Gymnastics as a sport is very repetitive just because you have to create those neural pathways, that muscle memory."

At the state championships GSSA was awarded its first ever state champion in level six, while a second competitor came runner-up at the same level.

"People are starting to take notice of our results, which is great. We have had a few success stories here and there but recently we have been getting noticed by the bigger clubs."

GSSA is the only Gymnastics Australia rhythmic club registered in the Hawkesbury region.

The GSSA team is due to depart the Hawkesbury bound for the Gold Coast on Friday, September 20 to compete at the nationals.