Australian Cat Federation (ACF) 47th annual National Cat Show at Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium, South Windsor

It has been described as 'heaven for cat lovers', with some of the rarest breeds ever shown in NSW - and it's coming to South Windsor.

The Australian Cat Federation (ACF)'s 47th annual National Cat Show - hosted by Cats New South Wales - will be taking place over the Queen's birthday weekend at Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium.

It will be the first time the show has come to Sydney since 2014, and the first time it has ever taken place in our neck of the woods.

Cats on show

Get ready for 130 exhibitors showing over 330 cats across six show rings, with judges coming from USA, South Africa, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia, as well as locally.

ACF National Show secretary Jenny Weekes said locals could look forward to viewing some of the country's rarest cat breeds, including the Toyger and Peterbald.

Locals will also be able to catch a glimpse of the Lykoi, known as the 'werewolf cat', which has only recently been recognised for showing in Australia.

"At one end of the spectrum we have the wonderfully prepared longhair cats, including the glamorous Persian with its long flowing coat, the pretty blue eyed Birmans and Ragdolls, and the so-called forest cat breeds including the huge Maine Coons and the stunning Norwegian and Siberians," Ms Weekes said.

"Our second group consists of cats that are related to the sleek Siamese and also include Oriental Shorthair and the naked Peterbald cat.

"The third group comprises the other shorthair breeds which are exceptionally diverse. From elegant Abyssinians and Russians to the chubby British Shorthair, they are a veritable international fair of cat breeds."

There will also be curly-coated breeds including the Devon, Cornish and Selkirk Rex, and the naked Sphynx. Exotic cats with a wild look will be represented by the Bengal and Toyger which have been bred to resemble small wild cats. Also relatively new to Australia is the American Shorthair.

"Not to be forgotten are our companion cats which include domestic short and longhair cats as well as purebred cats which compete solely on their preparation and purrsonality [sic]," Ms Weekes said.

Local breeder

Kurrajong resident Suzie Hudson will be attending the show with her three breeds - Siamese, Oriental and Somali - and will also be stewarding over the two days.

Ms Hudson runs a small-scale, boutique cattery called Kajalead from her home, focussing on breeding Siamese.

"My aim is to share my love for the beautiful Siamese and allow other people access to these beautiful, quirky cats," she said.

"I breed companion animals, and I guarantee a lifelong home for these cats - if for some reason they can't stay at their new home, they are always welcome back with me."

Ms Hudson breeds indoor cats, and vets potential new owners to ensure they are of the same mind.

"I love birds and wildlife, so I ensure that my cats can be trained to a harness or an enclosure. Providing these cats are in an enriched environment using 3D levels and not just floor space, they make beautiful pets."

She has a pride of companion cats at her home, including retired show champion Boris, a four-year-old blue silver spotted tabby bi-colour Oriental - a grand champion with Cats NSW, and a NSW CFA double grand champion.

The Gazette also met Arya, a three-year-old female lilac-point Siamese, and Zelda, a five-year-old, semi-long-haired fawn Somali, who will both be keeping Boris company on the couch come showtime.

Rare breeds

One of the more unusual cats that will be on-site for the ACF show is the Lykoi, which the ACF website describes as "a natural mutation from the wild domestic cat population".

A relatively new breed, the Lykoi reportedly started from two separate sibling litters in 2011.

"It has a unique colour pattern which makes the hair coat roan [an even mixture of colored and white hairs on the body]. Whilst roan pattern can come in many colours, only solid black roan is recognised for showing. It is also partially hairless," states the website.

"The combination of the colour pattern and partial hairlessness gives the Lykoi a werewolf appearance. The Lykoi cat is very friendly and demands attention from people."

Another is the Toyger, which ACF describes as "a designer cat: a loving, glittered, medium sized shorthair active cat reminiscent of the big cats in pattern, type, confidence and movement".

Also on show will be the Peterbald, which ACF says is "svelte, elegant, with long tapering lines; supple and well-muscled".

The body shape of the Peterbald resembles that of the Siamese, however the breed appears hairless - which is a desirable trait.

Show details

All cats involved with the show will be there for the two days when the show is open to the public.

Each cat entered into the show will be judged six times over the two days.

Three groups representing registered breeds will each be separated into three sections representing Kittens, Entire and Desexed animals, and there will also be a section for companion animals.

At the end of the weekend, a Supreme Pedigree Exhibit and Supreme Companion Exhibit will be announced.

Bring your wallet if you can be tempted by cat products; in addition to the cats, there will also be an array of stalls selling all manner of cat-related products including food, litter, clothing, cat furniture and enclosures.

There will also be a raffle, with raffle tickets sold over the two days. The prizes? More cat products.

The ACF National Cat Show will take place at Hawkesbury Indoor Stadium, 16 Stewart Street, South Windsor, and will be open to the public from 9.00am to 3.30pm on Saturday, 8 and Sunday, 9 June.

Entry is $4 for adults, $2 for children under 15 and pensioners, and $10 for families. Parking is available at the venue.