Richmond's Paige Peters to sing National Anthem every night at Sydney Royal Easter Show

Paige Peters from Richmond is only 15 years old, but she's such a talent at singing that the head of entertainment for the Sydney Royal Easter Show contacted her personally to sing the Australian National Anthem at this year's show.

There was no audition process.

Paige - a Year 10 student at Richmond High School - has been singing since she was seven years old, and said she landed the gig when the head of entertainment watched videos of her singing, that her mum, Amanda Peters, had posted up on Facebook.

"I was really shocked, then I was so excited to be able to get that opportunity to sing," Paige told the Gazette.

Paige will be singing the National Anthem every night in the Main Arena at 6.30pm (except for the opening night of the show, when she will perform at 5.50pm).

She will be unaccompanied for the performances, using only her voice to draw the crowd from her position on the back of a truck.

"It's frightening but exciting at the same time," she said. "I'll be standing on the back of a truck, but I'm going with a casual-elegant look, with some nice dress pants, some nice jumpsuits and shirts."

Paige won't be entirely new to having thousands of eyes upon her in the Main Arena, having performed with her dance group and also riding horses there at previous shows.

But now that the show is imminent - beginning this Friday, April 12 and going through until Tuesday, April 23 - Paige admitted she sometimes had to fight her nerves.

"They're starting to come to me now that the show is so close," she said.

Plus, this time, she'll be on the stage solo. "I don't like having musical accompaniment when I sing the National Anthem as I like going at my own pace," she said. "So I asked for no music and they allowed that."

Paige has been seeing her singing teacher since she was seven, and checks in weekly in the lead-up to performances like this. She will also need to ensure her voice remains in tip-top shape for her nightly crooning.

"My vocal coach has been working with me to prepare, and I also know how to protect my voice so I don't hurt it," she said.

"A really good thing for vocalists is manuka honey - it helps soothe your throat for sore voices. Lemonade can help calm your nerves and also help a sore throat."

Paige has been trained with a classical voice, but she also enjoys singing pop, and will begin musical theatre.

You can watch Paige perform the National Anthem every night at the show, and also catch her singing a 45-minute set in the Woodchop Bar on Tuesday, 16 April at 12pm, and at 11am on both Thursday, 18 and Monday, 22 April.