Residents invited to meeting over location of Grose River Road to Springwood Road crossing

A meeting will be held this week to discuss a “significant shortcoming” of the proposed Grose River crossing from Grose River Road to Springwood Road at Yarramundi.

Hawkesbury City Council has distributed a letter written by general manager Peter Conroy inviting residents to attend the December 5 meeting at the North Richmond Community Centre.

The letter states that the current proposal - as outlined by the voluntary planning agreement requiring developer Redbank Communities to construct the bridge over the Grose River at Navua Reserve – is “highly flood affected”, located as it is two storeys below the 1:100 flood level.

Meeting: The Grose River at Navua Reserve. Picture: Geoff Jones.

Meeting: The Grose River at Navua Reserve. Picture: Geoff Jones.

“Whilst the existing route is located within existing road reserves and/or public land, it has a significant shortcoming,” the letter states.

“It is highly flood affected and would have to be closed in the event of a relatively minor flood event. So when the bridge is most needed – when the Richmond and Windsor bridges are closed, it will most likely be closed as well.

“In response to the … situation, Redbank Communities, Roads and Maritime Services [RMS] and Hawkesbury City Council are working together to develop a crossing that is located above the 1:100 year flood event.

“Such a crossing will provide a genuine alternative route when Windsor and Richmond bridges are closed due to flooding.”

The developer has been working with both the RMS and council to develop a design for the bridge, and the meeting will discuss the “benefits of an alternative Grose River crossing that is above the 1:100 flood level”.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7.30pm at the North Richmond Community Centre on Wednesday, December 5.

To RSVP, email