Greyhound death pit found on Marsden Park property

RSPCA NSW has seized 21 sick or deceased greyhounds from a licensed and registered Marsden Park trainer.

Nine of the animals were found piled dead in a mass grave on the property.

Inspectors removed 12 sick and emaciated greyhounds from the property when they visited it on Tuesday, July 3. A further three sick greyhounds were taken during a subsequent visit on Monday, July 9.

RSPCA NSW said some of the 12 living greyhounds were starved while others had severe dental disease.

RSPCA NSW is investigating animal cruelty charges but none have been laid yet. The Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission, launched on July 1, is also assisting.

RSPCA NSW acting chief inspector Andrew Clachers said a tip off from a member of the public led the organisation to inspect the property.

“We received a complaint from a member of the public, who expressed to us their concerns about greyhounds,” he told the Gazette.