Kmart in the Hawkesbury: ‘no announcements’ at this time

KMART LOVE: Hawkesbury residents campaigning to bring a Kmart to the Hawkesbury. Picture: Geoff Jones
KMART LOVE: Hawkesbury residents campaigning to bring a Kmart to the Hawkesbury. Picture: Geoff Jones

KMART’S corporate affairs team brings no joy for residents hoping to see the discount department store open its doors in the Hawkesbury any time soon – but they have acknowledged the efforts of the Hawkesbury community.

The company has issued the following statement in response to the Gazette’s recent story about a group of locals campaigning for a Kmart closer to home.

“We are always looking for new locations to bring people our everyday low prices, and that includes Hawkesbury,” a Kmart spokesperson said.

“At this time we have no announcements, however if this changes we will advise the community with a formal announcement.”

The spokesperson said the company loves receiving feedback from its ‘communities’, and the team was “very humbled by the support”.

Local Pitt Town mums Tara Harvey, Sharon Sparkl and Elise Smith launched the ‘Bring Kmart to Windsor NSW, 2756’ page on Facebook in 2016, and it has almost 3,000 followers.

The trio have since launched a petition online and are hoping like-minded locals will sign it and help support their campaign. 

Kmart has a big following on social media and an ever-growing number of ‘Kmart hacks’ are shared all around the world.

These are snapshots from consumers who have done things like upgrade their decor, or create an outfit for their child’s fancy-dress party, using exclusively Kmart-bought products, and saved money in the process.

Gazette followers on Facebook have responded in numbers, with over 500 reactions, comments and shares on the original story. 

Faustine Marie said “Kmart at your doorstep! Can you imagine!!!”

Ayla Priestly said “how perfect would this be”.

Laurie Fairweather encouraged the mums to “form an action group”.

Various residents joked that a Hawkesbury Kmart would be ‘dangerous’ to their hip pockets.

Others mused about where a Kmart store would fit in the Hawkesbury, and some offered-up suggestions about locations.