Hawkesbury Council is conducting random bin inspections

BIN CHECKS: Will your bins pass the test?

BIN CHECKS: Will your bins pass the test?

HAWKESBURY Council is once again conducting random bin inspections to encourage residents to improve recycling rates.

Contracted inspectors will be looking in recycling bins (yellow lid) and organics bins (green lid) to check for contamination - in other words, things that shouldn’t be there.

Inspectors will check the content of bins out on the kerb only, and will not go through residents’ rubbish or tip-out the contents.

Residents that are doing a good job will receive a green tag on their bin, and bins that contain contamination will receive a red tag that includes information about how to sort recycling correctly.

Council has been conducting annual bin inspections since 2013. Many Sydney metropolitan councils conduct similar bin inspection programs.

The bin inspection program is for educational purposes only and residents will not receive financial penalties if contamination is present.

Hawkesbury's bin inspections will take place during the week beginning Monday, March 12.

Information about what can and can’t go in your bins can be found at hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au.


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