Susan Templeman slams same-sex marriage postal vote as waste of money

Susan Templeman in Parliament. Picture: Michael Masters
Susan Templeman in Parliament. Picture: Michael Masters

SUSAN Templeman has labelled the government spineless after its decision to host a postal vote to determine whether the Australian public supports same-sex marriage.

The estimated cost of the postal vote is $122 million.

Ms Templeman, the federal Member for Macquarie, said parliamentarians should simply do what they have been elected to do and vote on the issue.

“This is a voluntary postal vote and the Government isn’t even bound by the result, yet it’s going to cost taxpayers $122 million,” Ms Templeman said.

“...surely the Turnbull Government can think of one priority that should come ahead of a vote on something that Parliament already has the power to decide.

“When John Howard changed the marriage act in 2004 he didn’t have a plebiscite or a referendum nor even a pathetic postal vote. The Parliament just did its job and voted.”

Ms Templeman said the postal vote was a waste of money, but nevertheless, the option was now on the table for people to vote on and people should take the opportunity to voice their opinion.

“As ridiculous as this vote is, if you want to send a message to this spineless Government, enrol to vote before the 24 August so you can have your say on marriage equality,” she said.

You must be enrolled to vote to take part.