Hawkesbury Council draws ire of local businesses after not consulting with them

Toxfree's site at South Windsor.
Toxfree's site at South Windsor.

A COMPANY says a recent decision of Hawkesbury Council could have seen it close its doors in the area.

It claims a change of council policy could have had a dire effect on the business and that it should have been consulted before the policy was drafted.

Hawkesbury Council is changing its Liquid Trade Waste policy, which governs how Council uses recycled water.

Toxfree, a company which uses Hawkesbury Council facilities to recycle water, sent a representative to the May 9 Council meeting to say the draft policy could have seen the Hawkesbury lose 40 jobs.

Council’s Jeff Organ said there are five businesses within the Hawkesbury who have ‘Trade Waste Agreements’.

Mr Organ said Council engaged with three of them, because in Council’s view, those businesses would most likely be affected.

However, Toxfree, formerly known as Worth Recycling, was not pleased with Council’s approach.

A company spokesperson told the Gazette that 40 jobs could potentially be lost if the changes went ahead.

“As a long-standing business in this community with a significant number of local employees it is very disappointing not to be consulted on the possible impact of the proposed introduction of this policy,” the spokesperson said.

“For one shire to apply a levy while business in others do not, puts us at a competitive disadvantage.

“That could cost jobs or drive us to re-locate. Either way it would be a very poor outcome for the local community and jobs in the area.”

The spokesperson declined to say which particularly aspects of the draft policy concerned the company.

Representatives from Toxfree and another company, Evoqua Water Technologies – which also operates out of the Hawkesbury – spoke at the May 9 Council meeting, voicing their displeasure they had not been consulted.

Councillors voted to defer the draft policy, and review the way Council engages with businesses, the community and other organisations.