Hawkesbury residents warned of Centrelink phone scam

Hawkesbury Police would like to warn members of the community of a recent telephone scam that has occurred in the area.

Recently, a man called a phone number stating he was from Centrelink. He stated that elderly persons at this address were entitled to a refund due to a pension payment error.

The caller stated that an "account fee" of $300 was required to establish the refund of $6,000 and that this fee was to be payable via ITunes Gift vouchers. The 59 year old woman who received the call believed the caller and made the payment as requested.

After receiving a further call from the man requesting more money, she became suspicious and telephoned Centrelink and found that the incident was a scam.

“While it seems hard to understand that people fall for these scams, unfortunately the chance to take an opportunity that has rewards tempts some people,” Hawkesbury Police said.

“Please discuss with any elderly parents or friends that NO Government department accepts ITunes cards as "establishment fees" and that NO discussion or negotiations in the first instance would be initiated over the telephone.”