Local Land Services pest animal survey open until Friday

If you’re a landholder who is having trouble with pest animals on your property, Local Land Services wants to hear from you.

Local Land Services is conducting a survey (http://open.lls.nsw.gov.au) to understand the needs of landholders, their access to services and any barriers they face.

The survey is part of a statewide program to help landholders deal with pest animals.

The survey asks landholders’ opinions on:

• their current level of understanding of pest management for landholders

• ease of access to services

• the ability to get training

• availability of up to date resources

• any barriers currently faced regarding pest animal management.

With many land managers unsure of what was a declared pest, what responsibility they had and what resources were available to them, the survey is a good way to let LLS know what’s needed out there.

The survey is currently available to complete online at open.lls.nsw.gov.au until Friday, February 17.