Road rage over Richmond intersection

Road rage over Richmond intersection

IRRESPONSIBLE driving at the East Market Street, and March Street intersection in Richmond (right) sparked a flood of comments on the Hawkesbury Gazette’s Facebook page last week.

Infuriated by a left-hand turning lane motorist’s decision to overtake a car turning right into East Market Street, Brad Holst took to the Gazette’s Facebook page to vent his anger.

“I’m posting here because I’m sick of people who do not understand the rules of our road,” Mr Holst said. “The set of traffic lights at East Market St, and March St which is where McDonalds is, if you are coming from North Richmond and are going to McDonalds or the market place, the left-hand lane, is must turn left!”

What followed was more than 30 comments in support of Mr Holst’s complaint. One woman, Louise Stalker, said her parents had been in a car accident because of such behaviour. The post also stirred up calls for right-hand turn restrictions at the intersection to deter such behaviour.

Hawkesbury Council general manager Peter Jackson said council had asked Roads and Maritime Services to consider banning right hand turns at the intersection.

“This issue has been previously raised by council with RMS as the authority responsible for this intersection,” Mr Jackson said.

“Specifically, RMS have been requested to look at the left lane adjacent to the park.

“As the kerbside lane allows only for a left turn, council has asked RMS to consider either banning the right turn from March into East Market Street to free up the centre lane for through travel, or alternatively provide a left/through movement along the kerbside lane.

“They have advised previously that they are investigating the issue however the matter is complicated by the restrictions imposed on widening due to potential acquisition of, and impacts on, the heritage listed park.

“This intersection also forms part of the study area for the Richmond to North Richmond Traffic Study which is being undertaken by RMS.”

Mr Jackson said the matter of non-compliance by motorists with the current restrictions had been referred to police as part of their overall responsibility for enforcement of traffic regulations.