Signs provides light relief for drivers

Thank you to John and David who both sent me versions of this sign at North Richmond, warning of new islands in the road. Both asked where the small and large islands were. I’ll confess initially I didn’t see the joke until I remembered the word is actually median. DUUUHHH. RMS denies all knowledge, Council says the new petrol station at North Richmond had to provide the medians as part of its DA conditions. We may never know who needs to brush up on what those road islands are actually called.

Specific needs

Do you read the personal ads in the classifieds? In a rival paper I loved some of the souls advertising week before last. First up two blokes from the Male seeking Female column who must be optimists of the highest order, and who haven’t got the email that women respond better to a bit of romance: “Aussie guy 50yo, seeks single lady for loving times, no rings or strings. Part time or full okay.” (Yes please! I’m rushing for the phone now!) Next one: “Looking for women 50yo+, CRO. I will do anything.” (Do anything – does he mean weird sexual practices or is he indicating he’s so desperate he’ll buy them diamond rings and an Audi? Also five minutes on Google didn’t reveal what CRO stands for, other than chief risk officer? Cathode-ray oscilloscope? If you know, contact me on 0427 285 756 – no questions asked LOL). Now two ads from the Female seeking male column. Here’s Miss Pragmatic who obviously has some renovations waiting. “Aussie, 48yo, seeks self-employed builder, clean and loving at least try.” (Does she mean who at least tries to be clean and loving, or “at least give me a try”?) And the the most mystifying on the page: “Bubby blonde, 50yo, 5’8”, over travel, massage, sports teams, seeking tall, sincere, intelligent Canadian or Victorian man preferred.” 

Origin in Greece

​An old friend of mine was in Greece during State of Origin but wanted to know what was going on. He posted this with a pic of blokes standing around in a little ancient street. “Keeping abreast of state of origin by listening for cheering. We located a sports bar across from the Hera hotel, in Athens. Quick score update 0-6. Dropped by the Australian Archaeological Institute in Athens. No sign of life in there - either they are NSW supporters or not home. Back to sports bar to get the usual news - Blues lost. However the real message was that Rabbito supporters are universal!”