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Workshops push Wordpress

BREED Business Centre and Western Sydney TAFE will hold four Wordpress workshops for small-to-medium and home-based businesses in Quakers Hill this month.

The 2-hour workshops will be hands-on sessions focusing on business related subjects.

Topics are ‘‘creating and editing’’ (September 8), ‘‘themes and plug-ins’’ (September 15) and ‘‘mobile and social integration’’ (September 22) for Wordpress — always from 5.30pm to 8pm.

Other topics coming later in the year will include social media, photo and video editing, Microsoft Office and Wordpress.

Cost: $65. Where: BREED Business Centre, Quakers Hill. Click here for bookings.

Creative Fringe hosts talks

The Creative Fringe, a shared office space provider in Penrith, hosts workshops and talks as part of its Fringe Benefits events.

On September 24 communications expert and author of Well Said Amber Daines will do a presentation on how to get your message across effectively.

She will discuss the importance of speaking for influencing others, knowing your key audience, how to package and deliver an message and how to use social media.

Cost: $15. Where: Unit 6/51 York Road, Jamisontown. Click here to book.

Website advice arriving

She Business is running a workshop How to Turn Your Website Into a Magnet For New Clients.

The two-hour event, by digital marketing consultant Deb Jeffreys, will touch on connecting with your online audience and how websites fit in to digital marketing.

Cost: $75. When: September 10, noon. Where: Champion Legal, 60 Phillip Street, Parramatta. Book here.

Business coach event

Officeworks held a Small Business Coach event at the Castle Hill Golf Club on August 19.

It gave small business owners an opportunity to network with peers and pick up tips for workplace wellbeing form Dr Timothy Sharp of The Happiness Institute.

Dr Sharp said there are many useful strategies that can help reduce stress and enhance wellbeing at work.

‘‘The first thing is to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and find a way to reconnect with your passions and original goals,’’ he said.

What exactly can help reduce stress and enhance wellbeing?

There are many useful strategies and approaches, and what's most effective will differ for different people, but here are my top 5 tips based on several decades of research and experience:

■ Remind yourself WHY you're doing what you're doing, and find a way to reconnect with your passions and original goals.

■ Don't neglect your physical health; we're all busy but it's hard to be happy and productive if you're sick and tired; do all you can to fit in some exercise, eat well, and get adequate sleep.

■ Focus on what's going well; there will always be problems that need fixing but so too will there always be wins that deserve celebrating (and those who focus more on the latter tend to be happier and more energised).

■ Realise you don't have to do it all on your own; reach out and connect with others who might be able to help (other small business owners and/or professionals with relevant expertise) and also, stay in touch with family and friends.

■ And finally, be grateful for what you have; running your own business might have stressors employees don't have, but it also has advantages that should not be forgotten or taken for granted.

No one will be happy all the time or 100% healthy, but we can all enjoy a better quality of life if we choose to do the right sort of things on a regular basis.

So choose, and keep choosing each and every day, because small choices add up to large results and those large results could translate to greater success and fulfilment for you and your business.


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