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The buzz around bee pollen and why it's good for you

The buzz around bee pollen and why it's good for you

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Thousands of Australians are experiencing the goodness and life changing benefits of NatureBee's 'potentiated' bee pollen.

So, what's the buzz all about? Uniquely, NatureBee 'potentiates' it's bee pollen which means the goodness that's inside the pollen is optimised by rupturing the hard outer cell wall of the pollen. As a result, potentiated pollen, unlike raw pollen, offers greater bioavailability and faster results.

At NatureBee, we call our potentiated pollen "nature's lunchbox" - and this is down to the vast array of vitamins and minerals present in bee pollen. It's nature's most nutritionally complex and potent superfood. Essentially bee pollen is a 'power pack' of natural goodness that will leave you feeling energised, healthy and well - the natural way.

Many of our customers talk about the effectiveness of bee pollen to combat and support the ageing process. We can't exactly turn the clock back, but we can be proactive about our health as we age and strive to live consciously to better support our energy, immune defences, sleep, digestion and mental clarity.

A daily habit of bee pollen can help you to take the precautionary steps to prevent the onset of disease and general ill health. Scientific studies speak to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of bee pollen to combat Western diseases and the rich medley of Vitamin B's present in bee pollen provide generous doses of antioxidant activity.

Bee pollen is nature's most nutritionally complex and potent superfood. Photo: Supplied.

Looking forward in our post-COVID world, it's more important than ever to make healthy lifestyle choices that primarily support improved immunity and this winter many are looking for a complete solution to support good health and wellness, starting with optimal nutrition for yourself and your family. In fact, bee pollen is often recognised as the 'only perfectly complete food.' NatureBee Power Pollen is 100 per cent bee pollen and this single ingredient contains an incredible variety of nutrients including protein, essential minerals, vitamins, enzymes and elements. Putting it simply, bee pollen is a nutritional powerhouse.

Bee pollen is particularly effective when it comes to addressing cellular repair, a much needed state that's related to the effects of ageing. Both genes and environment lead to alterations in cells that cause ageing muscles to lose mass and strength and to become less flexible.

When it comes to the energy equation, many of us feel our energy declines and this is down to the normal changes associated with ageing. These cellular changes limit the heart muscle's pumping ability, reducing the flow of oxygen-rich blood that provides energy to the cells.

Over the centuries, the legacy of bee pollen has been believed to be anti-aging, anti-stress and to provide energy. The powerful energy equation is down to the rich vitamin B group composition seen in bee pollen, whereby pollen B vitamins support mitochondrial function, such that pollen indirectly supports the body's energy production and utilisation. In fact, bee pollen is so effective in supporting improved energy and performance that we often see Olympic athletes turning to bee pollen to boost their sport performance and endurance in the athletic arena.

With the nutritional gains of bee pollen you can expect to feel more refreshed and energised. Springing out of bed in the morning after a night of refreshing sleep and feeling just as good at 3pm as you did at 9am is all part of the bee pollen 'improvement journey.'

At NatureBee, we are so confident that you will feel like the best version of yourself on potentiated bee pollen that we offer a 'bottom of the jar' money back guarantee. Why not give it go? There's nothing to lose so why not join us on your 'better health' journey this winter and enjoy the 'power up' benefits of potentiated bee pollen.

Give it a go for as little as $33.00 for a 1 month supply at: www.naturebee.com or find the closest stockist near you: https://naturebee.com/our-story/stockists/

This is branded content for NatureBee