Richmond Wholesale Meats named best butcher in the Hawkesbury

Damien Butler of Richmond Wholesale Meats with his ribbons and award-winning hamburger patties and sausages. Picture: Sarah Falson

Damien Butler of Richmond Wholesale Meats with his ribbons and award-winning hamburger patties and sausages. Picture: Sarah Falson

The team at Richmond Wholesale Meats are celebrating being named Most Successful Butcher at the Hawkesbury Show, only four months after taking-over the butcher shop in Richmond Mall.

They are the new kids on the block and already making waves in the local butcher scene.

Owner Damien Butler, from Riverstone, said he was not surprised their Wagyu burger won first place in the burger class, and their thin beef sausage won second place in the classic beef class.

"We're excited we even got the opportunity to enter, because we've only been here a short period of time. Being named number one is a great achievement I think for our brand, and also the quality we have," Mr Butler said.

Mr Butler also runs two other stores: Kearns Wholesale Meats near Campbelltown and Gosford Wholesale Meats on the Central Coast.

He employs seven people at the Richmond store and 19 all up across his stores.

Mr Butler has been a butcher for 16 years and worked around Sydney at various wholesalers and distributors, food services and providers.

He said the craftsmanship that goes into making his products was the reason he was named Most Successful Butcher.

"We focus on bringing Australia's best products to your door. The consistency, the deliciousness, the branding of beef, pork, lamb, chicken ... we talk with the best processors in Australia," he said.

"The quality of products we buy as a butcher shop and as a wholesaler, was why we won.

"There was plenty of competition out there from other Hawkesbury businesses, but the new kid on the block takes the crown."


He said he didn't think it would be the last time Richmond Wholesale Meats wins at the Hawkesbury Show.

"We are going to try our best to promote the small butchery because it's a dying trade. Trying to compete with Coles, Woolies and Aldi - we're a bit behind the eight-ball because we don't have the funding they do but we do have the quality," Mr Butler said.

BBQ cuts are always popular at Richmond Wholesale Meats, and going into winter the business will ramp-up its offerings of chucks, lamb shanks, beef spare ribs and diced beef. They also do home deliveries.

Hawkesbury Show Sausage Competition 2022 Results

MOST SUCCESSFUL BUTCHER: Richmond Wholesale Meats

Classic Thin Beef

  • 1st - Glossodia Country Fresh Meats
  • 2nd - Richmond Wholesale Meats
  • 3rd - M&A Butchery

Gourmet Thin

  • 1st - Bligh Park Butchery - Smokey Beef and Bacon with Maple
  • 2nd - Black Bear - Pork San Choy Bow
  • 3rd - Glossodia Country Fresh Meat

Butchers Open Class Burger

  • 1st - Richmond Wholesale Meats - Wagyu Beef
  • 2nd - M&A Butchery - Deluxe Waggu
  • 3rd - Bligh Park Butchery - Nana's Meatloaf Patties