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Gold Coast guide: 5 underappreciated sides of Queensland's coastal icon

Gold Coast guide: 5 underappreciated sides of Queensland's coastal icon

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With lockdowns lifted and borders unbolted, it's time to book that holiday you've been dreaming of since February 2019; but who needs a 23-hour flight when you could be boarding at breakfast and soaking up sunshine by lunch?

The Gold Coast is a beloved beach escape for a reason. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to hop online and check out those Gold Coast package deals and get booking that dreamy beach getaway you've been fantasising about.

Thrill seek at Gold Coast Inflatable Ninja Water Park

Are you the thrillseeker of your family? Or are you simply looking for a way to inject some adrenaline into a couples retreat? Regardless of your reasoning, waste no time on racing down to the Gold Coast Inflatable Ninja Water Park.

This enthralling attraction boasts the title of being the Gold Coast's only inflatable water park and extends across an insane 600 metres, filled with obstacles fit for the whole family.

This adventure-filled afternoon will be located in the beautiful Broadwater Parklands in Southport and boasts a number of fantastic facilities, so why not make an afternoon of your thrill-seeking fun and pack a lunch to take advantage of the picturesque picnic area?

Forget your food? Fear not, the water park has you covered with food and drink available. So run, don't walk to start your sun-soaked holiday off with a bang, or maybe a squeal instead.

Wash away your worries at Greenhouse The Bathhouse

If water parks are a little too fast-paced for you, don't sweat it, instead soak and steam it up at Greenhouse, The Bathhouse, situated in the beautiful Burleigh Heads.

This bathhouse is a chic new addition to the Gold Coast that'll have you mistaking it for Maui. Included in this dreamy location are two heavenly hydrotherapy spas, a steam room, a sauna, as well as a magnesium plunge pool, to really stimulate those senses.

This is one wonderful way to wind down and wipe away the stress of the past two years, with six varying packages to choose from, including a three-hour immersive session that incorporates massage, lunch and the option of either some champagne or alternatively kombucha, depending on how fun you're feeling.

This Bathhouse is the perfect indulgence to rejuvenate you this summer.

Go A Little Wild at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you're going to the Gold Coast, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the eternally summery state is a must. Perfect for adults and children alike, explore all 27 hectares of the wondrous rainforest.

Stop along the way to saunter through the open animal enclosures, and enjoy special moments like cuddling with koalas.

One of the main attractions, however, is viewing the wild Lorikeets. Experiencing this attraction allows you to feed them and experience the free-flying bird show, but wait, there's more.

If the kids start to get a little restless, there is now the addition of Wild island, an extensive outdoor playground that'll keep them exhilarated for hours on end as you tour this true natural beauty.

Buy a beer (Or Three) at Balter Brewery

After your day of serenity enjoying the wonders of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, why not saunter down a few stops to the Balter Brewery, located at 14 Traders Way, Currumbin.

Here you can sample the local brews and perhaps a bite to eat with an ever-changing range of food trucks, along with a truly terrific offering of local music.

This is a must whilst visiting the Gold Coast, as, after all, what's more perfect than a cold drink after a hot day? For that, the local treasure Balter Brewery has you covered.

Slow it down at Surfers Paradise BeachFront Markets

The Gold Coast is famous for its beautiful broad-reaching beaches, so it only makes sense to make use of these stunning attractions when setting up a market.

The beachfront markets are essential, taking place weekly on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. As the sun starts to set and a light breeze washes over the coast, the markets set up for the evening, occurring from 4pm until 9pm.

The markets are abuzz with live music and trinkets of all shapes and sizes, with sweet treats or more substantial bites located just across the road.

The markets are a must-do as no single night is ever the same; with an ever-changing selection of stalls, these evenings encapsulate the charm of the town. Be it by knocking boots with the locals or supporting an independent stall, they are not to be missed.

So, it's time to book those flights, snap up your swimmers and don't skimp on the SPF; you're headed to the sunny Gold Coast.

Be it a girls weekend, a family getaway or even a snap decision solo trip, the Gold Coast truly has something for everyone.

From the natural wonders of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to the enthralling excitement of the Inflatable Ninja Water Park, this trip will have you asking yourself, "why do I have to go home?"