Hawkesbury Council election will be held on Saturday, December 4

Time to work out who is best to look after the Hawkesbury's interests.
Time to work out who is best to look after the Hawkesbury's interests.

The 2021 Council Elections will be held on Saturday, December 4, with pre-polling already open. To check your enrolment, or to find pre-polling and polling venues visit here.

The ballot for Hawkesbury LGA includes 11 groups and one ungrouped candidate.

Below are the candidates and their platforms.

Nathan Zamprogno - Group A

Group A: Nathan Zamprogno. Picture: Facebook.

Group A: Nathan Zamprogno. Picture: Facebook.

Group A will be headed by Councillor Nathan Zamprogno, who after being elected as a Liberal councillor in 2016, is standing at this election as an Independent with a team of vast experience in business and leadership.

They believe that at a time when the Hawkesbury stands at a crossroad, the community deserve representation with integrity

Cr Zamprogno says that he has sought engagement with the people of the Hawkesbury over the past five years, having explained every position he has taken on his website, and exposed council's failings through videos, newsletters, on TV and on radio.

The group promises to continue striving to preserve what makes the Hawkesbury so great to live in, while making the area an innovative, prosperous and economically sustainable city.

Cr Zamprogno, a single dad, has lived in the Hawkesbury his whole life, descending from third-fleet ancestors in the district.

Since 2016, he has been appointed as Chairman of the Hawkesbury River County Council and a Director of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils.

He has a long association with the Richmond Players Dramatic Society, as both an actor and director, and has secured grants for the Richmond School of Arts - totalling $120,205.

He is strongly motivated to community service and has led many initiatives, including the Macquarie Youth Leadership Forum.

Also on the ticket are Ben Newton, Bindi Corpe, James Jackson, Donna Pellew, Zed Sparks and Liam Holland.

Greens - Group B

Group B: Danielle Wheeler. Picture: Facebook.

Group B: Danielle Wheeler. Picture: Facebook.

At the top of the ticket for the Greens will be Councillor Danielle Wheeler.

The Greens' plans for the Hawkesbury include, better active transport links, platypus-friendly planning, shaded parks, free vouchers to local pools, FOGO collection, zero waste events, urban heat mitigation, disaster preparedness genuine affordable housing targets and experts, First Nations, young people and community members on all council committees.

Elected in 2016, Cr Wheeler says she's worked hard to prove herself as an ethical leader, driven by community concerns and an evidenced-based approach.

She is the current chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee, established and led the Wetlands Working Group, and the Town Centres Working Group that worked on revitalisation plans for Windsor, Richmond and South Windsor, business supports, and the murals in Windsor Mall.

Her work on council has resulted in greater speaking rights for community members, support for marriage equality and transgender people, free rent for The Women's Cottage, showers for homeless people, wetlands protections, renewable power, 2030 zero emissions targets, urban tree planting projects and a review of the Companion Animal Shelter.

Cr Wheeler wants the Hawkesbury to continue to be a place of great natural beauty, heritage and agriculture, where the community can celebrate its diversity and face the future with resilience and hope.

She wants to see everyone working together to protect the area's environment and heritage from threats of overdevelopment, increasing heat, sand mining, and inappropriate and ill-thought out infrastructure projects.

She will continue to work to bring town centres back to life, protect wetlands, rivers and bushland, make council more consultative, and deliver the infrastructure the community needs.

Joining Cr Wheeler on the ticket are Rosalind Chia, James Lukere, Ashley Avci, Karen Kobier and Brian Crowther.

Liberal - Group C

Group C: Paul Veigel, Mark Jackson, Sarah Richards, Hannah Stack, Patrick Conolly , Matthew Bennett and Jill Reardon. Picture: Supplied.

Group C: Paul Veigel, Mark Jackson, Sarah Richards, Hannah Stack, Patrick Conolly , Matthew Bennett and Jill Reardon. Picture: Supplied.

The Liberal ticket is headed by Councillor Sarah Richards, who first moved to the Hawkesbury when she was ten-years-old, lives in North Richmond with her partner and three children.

Her kids attend school at St Matthew's Windsor and Bede Polding College, both schools she went to as a child.

Cr Richards is a director of Windsor RSL, the founder of the Back to Bilpin tourism campaign and runs a network of local small businesses called #ShopSmall.

Second on the ticket is Hawkesbury Mayor Patrick Conolly. He lives in Bligh Park with his wife where they are raising their four children, who go to school at Chisholm Primary School and Greenhills Childcare Centre.

Cr Conolly was born and raised in the Hawkesbury and has lived here his whole life.

The Liberals say they are committed to a set of values that will guide their decision making.

They want lower taxes, with the current Liberal councillors being the only members to vote against the 30 per cent rate rise imposed during this term and are committed to no further "Special Rate Rises" during this next term.

The Liberals want support for small business having supported the introduction of a local procurement policy, so council gives more work to locals.

They will focus on fixing roads, with less worry about international, federal and state political issues.

They also want to see less red tape, taking a balanced view to planning, making it easy to build a dream home or operate a business in the Hawkesbury and will always fight against unnecessary red tape.

Also on the ticket are Paul Veigel, Jill Reardon, Matthew Bennett, Hannah Stack and Mark Jackson.

Leslie Sheather - Group D

Group D: Morgan Mackay, David Coaldrake, Warwick Mackay, Gerard Hodgskin, Leslie Sheather and Michelle Sheather. Picture: Supplied.

Group D: Morgan Mackay, David Coaldrake, Warwick Mackay, Gerard Hodgskin, Leslie Sheather and Michelle Sheather. Picture: Supplied.

Group D is led by Leslie Sheather and Warwick Mackay, who both retired as Hawkesbury councillors in 2016.

Mr Sheather runs a concrete business and Dr Mackay runs a GP surgery.

Following the past five year, the pair have decided once again to run for election to bring Hawkesbury "back to basics", and can provide simple, old fashioned conservative values, from two experienced locals that want a good future for the Hawkesbury.

They oppose the rising of rates since 2016, despite roads across the area still needing repair, sporting fields at capacity and community facilities worn out.

They oppose the amount of red tape involved for people completing works on their own properties and have stated they want council to hold Australia Day celebrations.

Group D want to ensure there is funding to protect the Hawkesbury River and waterways from dangerous weeds.

They also want to generate long-term business and local employment in the Hawkesbury's towns and villages, calling for council to continue to support small businesses by reducing red tape for approvals and encouraging district-wide economic growth.

Also on the ticket are David Coaldrake, Morgan Mackay, Gerard Hodgskin and Michelle Sheather.

Small Business Party - Group E

Group E: Eddie Dogramaci and Mario Fenech. Picture: Supplied.

Group E: Eddie Dogramaci and Mario Fenech. Picture: Supplied.

Leading the Small Business Party ticket are candidates Eddie Dogramaci and Mario Fenech, who say they are not politicians and they are not running for council in hopes of securing an income or using the Hawkesbury as a stepping stone for the next state election.

Instead, they are successful businessmen who have had enough of this "obsolete council".

Representing The Small Business Party, they aim to bring their international business knowledge to council, since council is a business.

They believe councils should be run by independents who understand the local issues everyone faces.

The small business party candidates do no align with any major party and want to "return the Hawkesbury back into the jewel it once was".

Group E say it's not what they will be doing, but what they will not be doing that is important.

They say that they will not; increase the rates, leave the roads in their current state (that unpaved roads should not exist), employ outside companies for council contracts and let council continue to waste the community's hard earned tax money.

Also on the ticket are Esma Dogramaci, Emil Hartounian, Stephen Burke and Charles Saliba.

Lichell Farrell (The Locals) - Group F

Group F: Lichell Farrell. Picture: Supplied.

Group F: Lichell Farrell. Picture: Supplied.

Heading the ticket of Group F (the Locals) is Lichell Farrell, who has raised a family in the Hawkesbury and operates a successful small business.

She is a community advocate, organizer and socialite.

The group want to see a reduction in rates, road recovery that uses local contractors, a free tip and the right to scavenge for reuse, with three roadside rubbish pickups a year and weekly garbage collection for all Colo residents

Group F wants better water storage at local halls and RFS sheds to combat bushfires, better high ground property storage facilities during flooding and water relief for households during drought.

They ask for the appointment of council senior managers who live in the Hawkesbury, the use of local city planners and an amnesty on council fines.

They want to reduce costs for small businesses, keep the area rural and local - not a city, improve the museum, celebrate regional art, build function centres and introduce a tourism plan for more destinations.

They want better care for animals and the environment, to reach net zero emissions by 2030, install EV charging stations in townships and for council to go poison free in parks, gardens and roadsides.

Also on the ticket are Timothy Rymer, Margaret Tadrosse, Margaret Miller, Santo Ramaci and Jim Newton.

People not Parties - Group G

Group G: Mary Lyons-Buckett and Emma-Jane Garrow. Picture: Supplied.

Group G: Mary Lyons-Buckett and Emma-Jane Garrow. Picture: Supplied.

Councillor Mary-Lyons Buckett and the People not Parties ticket say, they present a group of individuals, deeply committed to independent representation in Local Government with a clear vision for the Hawkesbury of the future.

The ticket's key focus will be on combining advocacy, investigations and delivery around current Local Government services and obligations, saying it offers grassroots representation.

Cr Lyons-Buckett, who heads the ticket, has been a Councillor for the past nine years, serving as Mayor for two years and Deputy mayor for three.

She believes residents and ratepayers are best served by leadership which delivers unity over divisiveness, with the skills and interests of all twelve Councillors being respected and utilised.

Second on the ticket is David Gearin, who has spent years involved in the Council's Access and Inclusion Committee, serving as Deputy Chair and member of the Lowlands Soccer Club's Management Committee, with qualifications and a business background as an arborist.

He believes community needs can be best met by genuine independent representation on council and sees a need for upgrades of sporting facilities to keep pace with demand.

Third on the ticket, Cr Emma-Jane Garrow, has contributed on issues around support for local business, tourism and Council's initial Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) during her first Council term.

She has chaired both the Tourism Committee and the RAP Working Group, works for the local Pink Finss charity organisation and has worked on the beautification of Windsor, being involved in the Town Centres Revitalisation program.

Joining Cr Lyons-Buckett, who heads the ticket will be David Gearin, Cr Emma-Jane Garrow, Peter Ryan, Stacy O'Toole, Richie Benson and Tara Vigouroux.

Labor - Group H

Group H: Amanda Kotlash and Barry Calvert.

Group H: Amanda Kotlash and Barry Calvert.

The Labor ticket is headed by long-term Councillor and former Mayor, Barry Calvert, who is currently President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC).

Cr Calvert is also former Chair of the Community Services Advisory Committee and served two years as the first Labor Mayor of the Hawkesbury, along with two years as Deputy Mayor.

He brings 22 years of experience working on behalf of the community with a commitment to social housing.

Number two on the ticket is Cr Amanda Kotlash, who is the Chair of Council's Environment Committee and a member of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Advisory Committee.

According to the party, Cr Kotash brings knowledge and experience gained from three decades working as an environmental scientist, which have helped her introduce numerous progressive measures to the council.

Labor say they want a more collaborative council that works for the whole community.

Their aim is that the new council should work toward making the region more resilient to natural disasters through policy, planning and the investigation of progressive and innovative solutions.

They want to continue the initiatives begun by councillors Calvert and Kotlash, including; finding more housing for the homeless, moving towards achieving zero net emissions, further opening up the council to greater community participation, protecting the environment and the semi-rural areas, and implementing strategies to upgrade infrastructure.

The group is also keen to see detached dual occupancies allowed in in rural areas.

Also on the ticket is Stuart Gale, Simon Griffin, John Dadley and Michele Drew.

Hawkesbury Alliance of Independents - Group I

Group I: Darren Wurth, Phil Dunesky, Tiffany Morrison, Colleen Turnbull, Kirsten Radunz and Peter Reynolds. Picture: Facebook.

Group I: Darren Wurth, Phil Dunesky, Tiffany Morrison, Colleen Turnbull, Kirsten Radunz and Peter Reynolds. Picture: Facebook.

With Councillor Peter Reynolds at the top of the ticket, Hawkesbury Alliance of Independents want to ensure the local community has a strong voice in Council

The group are committed to ensuring community involvement and transparency in council decision making, protection and promotion of the Hawkesbury's rural character and heritage, strategic place-based development and sound evidence-based solutions for the Hawkesbury community into the future.

Cr Reynolds is born, raised and schooled in the Hawkesbury, with his family having been in the area for seven generations.

He has been a local small business owner all his working life and is well-known for his activism to protect Hawkesbury's heritage.

During his council term, Cr Reynold has been chair of the Traffic Committee, a member of the Heritage Advisory, Floodplain Risk Management, and Infrastructure committees, and a member of the Companion Animal Shelter and Enhancing the Arts working groups.

His achievements include improving conditions and rehoming rates at the Companion Animal Shelter, live and local music and arts performances, steps to improve the protection of the built heritage and the recent appointment of a full-time heritage officer.

In the past council term, Cr Reynolds has been part of a progressive team who have addressed the council's fitness for the future, systematically tackling previous infrastructure neglect, especially working to upgrade and repair the local roads.

Cr Reynolds is joined on the Hawkesbury Alliance of Independents ticket by Darren Wurth, Colleen Turnbull, Phil Dunesky, Tiffany Morrison and Kirsten Radunz.

Andrew Cadman Group - Group J

Group J: Gabrielle Bake, Michelle Tapara, Andrew Cadman, Ian MacGregor, Catherine Cadman and Kristine Waters. Picture: Supplied.

Group J: Gabrielle Bake, Michelle Tapara, Andrew Cadman, Ian MacGregor, Catherine Cadman and Kristine Waters. Picture: Supplied.

Group J, the Andrew Cadman Group, are a group of locals with an authentic vision to see what they love flourish again.

Led by Andrew Cadman, they are an independent group without party constraints, that want to restore a greater quality of life for every single person in the community as they rebuild the Hawkesbury.

Flood mitigation, creating and improving recreation areas, opening more farm gates for produce, promoting rural cafes and restaurants, along with upgrading Macquarie Park and historic buildings are of importance to the group.

Mr Cadman has been a Hawkesbury local for over 16 years and his vision - along with the wider Andrew Cadman Group - is to give back to the community and land.

They want to return to being diverse in industry, small and large business, manufacturing, farming, tourism, recreation, uninterrupted bushland, wilderness, and more.

A direct descendant of a convict who became Lachlan Macquarie's Sergeant-At-Arms, and a son of a federal MP who represented the Hawkesbury as part of the Mitchel electorate, Mr Cadman says he has a unique combination of having both a local heart and governmental knowledge, that's driven the desire to see authentic change for the region and its people.

Mr Cadman is married with two teenage children and is a long-term business owner of a local asphalting company, that continues to invest locally.

Also on the Andrew Cadman Group ticket is Michelle Tapara, Gabrielle Baker, Ian MacGregor, Catherine Cadman and Kristine Waters.

Preeti Karan - Group K

Group K: Preeti Karan. Picture: Supplied.

Group K: Preeti Karan. Picture: Supplied.

Heading the diverse Group K ticket is Preeti Karan, who, if elected, will be representing the collective interests of Hawkesbury community.

Ms Karan is a lawyer, mediator, conflict management coach and local businesswoman, who has lived and worked in the Hawkesbury for over two decades.

She stands to promote and defend the rights, needs and interests of all community groups and wants to work towards building a united Hawkesbury, where people are treated with respect, politeness, and kindness.

She supports sustainable development, that meets the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

She asks for better growth opportunities for small businesses and farmers to stimulate the local economy, helping to create and sustain jobs in the local area.

Ms Karan supports programs which aim to protect Indigenous and European historical sites, and improve First Nations relationships, and will seek support services for the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

She asks for better accountability, transparency, and oversight from the council by supporting more sophisticated performance measurement and reporting framework.

She encourages meaningful community engagement and will be supporting/seeking services which aim to provide legal education to all community members, to improve people's understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

Ms Karan also commits to providing an informed recommendation/input on major issues such as roads and transport infrastructure, utilities infrastructure, bushfire and flood risk management and recovery plans, rating structure, affordable housing, homelessness, support for ageing population, protection of rivers, creeks and areas of high biodiversity and environmental values.

Also on the ticket are Colin Lyons, Rayleen Cochrane, Trent Greentree, Brian Morgan, Andrew Grech, Nat Karan, Sunny Karan and Brayden Smith.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers - Group L

Group L: Shane Djuric. Picture: Supplied.

Group L: Shane Djuric. Picture: Supplied.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers (SFF) ticket is headed by third generation Hawkesbury honey producer, Shane Djuric.

Born in Windsor and a part of the community for 50 years, Mr Djuric ran in the 2019 State Election, as a member of the SFF.

Running in the grassroots party, which Mr Djuric's daughter Brooke is a passionate part of, they believes that the council should be the heart of where people come together for the enrichment of the Hawkesbury and it's community.

The SFF team won't be supporting any rate rises over the new council term believing that if council can do the modelling to put rates up, then they can do the modelling to keep rates where they are.

Because of the lifestyle that people have come to love in the Hawkesbury, they are against harmful city based decisions, yet support the rights of individuals to use their own properties without undue government interference.

SFF want to exploit areas of historical significance, to create genuine business opportunities around the area's under-utilised tourism sector.

They will be lobbying for a perpetual disaster fund for the Hawkesbury, to cut relief package wait times - due to the ongoing threat of floods and bushfires, believing the community should not be waiting for replacement bridges or new roads months after a disaster.

The members of the Hawkesbury SFF team also include Allen Dogramaci, Brooke Djuric, Mel Follington, Troy Cicolini and Luis Vrinat.

John Ross - Ungrouped

Ungrouped: John Ross. Picture: Supplied.

Ungrouped: John Ross. Picture: Supplied.

Councillor John Ross will be running ungrouped.

He wants to bring long term financial sustainability and deliver economic community services and partnering in programme delivery.

He will communicate effectively, be respectful of, and accessible to the community.

Wants to see council is governed by the elected body, delivering decisions (considered, responsible and ethical), be compliant with all legislation and corruption free.

Cr Ross will promote reduced domestic waste generation, sustainable living and reduce the Hawkesbury's carbon footprint (50 per cent by 2030).

He plans to seek enhanced heritage protection (Macquarie Towns), dedicated representation by First Nations people, disaster mitigation (climate, flood, fire), agriculture/equestrian/tourism pursuits (not sand mining) and sustainable built environment above the 1:100 flood level.

He wants to increase local roads spending and sealing, provide emergency services located west of the River, see the completion of the North Richmond to Kurrajong cycleway and the third river crossing on 1:20 minimum (Southern) bypass, no Grose River bridge.