'Haunted' Hobartville household gives special Halloween show

Anne Wilson's house at Hobartville is known to be decorated with ghoulish ghosts and scary spiders all year round but this year she made a special effort for the local kids on Halloween.

The house, located between the local primary and high school, is often adorned with "spiders and scary things" throughout the year, Ms Wilson said.

She has been doing Halloween decorations for a fair few years and sometimes keeps them up all year.

On Halloween night, Ms Wilson added a huge spider in the yard and a graveyard for her family and passers-by to enjoy.

"It was great, we had a decent amount of people come, a lot of people were taking photos and getting right up close to the spider and the graveyard," Ms Wilson said.

She said her house is known all year as 'the haunted house' with the local kids, but she doesn't mind.

"They knew I would be doing something for Halloween, I always have lollies. I had crawling zombies, screaming mummies, it was really loud," she said.

"My children and grandsons were dressed up and being silly - the kids went to bed straight away that night, [they were so tired]!"

Dianne Dasher decorated her house at Richmond, and said while she thought COVID-19 affected the number of people who came out trick or treating, there was still a wonderful atmosphere on the street and many people made the effort.

"It was wonderful, there were lots of kids and mums and dads - lots of grownups this year, it's lovely to see the adults taking the time with their kids," she said.