Figgy Boutique's Jan Clifton is back in her happy place

Jan Clifton.

Jan Clifton.

Since coming back from lockdown, Jan Clifton has noticed a clear demand for "going out" clothing as opposed to "stay at home" items, not surprising as the state opens up again to people traffic.

Jan's Figgy Boutique in Richmond has been back since October 11.

So how did it feel to welcome customers back?

"Fabulous," said Jan. "I really missed my customers and my shop. It is my happy place.

"My customers, both old and new, are glad to see me open again."

Figgy Boutique offers a range of woman's clothing, accessories, homeware, home decor and gifts.

It is home to Figgy The Label, which includes a range of ethical and sustainable clothing designed in Sydney. It makes use of recycled natural fabrics and everything is handmade.

Jan said she was thankful for the support of locals.

"Please continue to support small local businesses such as myself," she said. "It helps us to stay open and enables us to bring you all the things you love."

Figgy Boutique is located at Shop 5, 340 Windsor Street, Richmond.

Be sure to drop in at the store or check out some of the range online at