Which glass should you choose for which drink?

IN THE MOOD: Entertain in style by serving guests a drink in the proper glass. Photo: Supplied
IN THE MOOD: Entertain in style by serving guests a drink in the proper glass. Photo: Supplied

Now most of Australia has emerged from lockdown, home gatherings are back on the table - and not a moment too soon, as the warmer weather has people desperate to toast a return to freedom with their nearest and dearest.

It's therefore the perfect time to revisit the dos and don'ts when it comes to entertaining, in particular how to serve your celebratory drinks.

The team at glassware company Krosno answered some commonly asked questions about current trends, caring for your glasses and what to look for when you're buying a new set. Cheers!

What's trending in glassware?

With craft distilling of gin booming in Australia, any glasses that make the best of gin are having a moment - a highball, a tumbler, stemless or a big bowl on a stem, such as Krosno's gin balloons.

What makes a good quality wine glass or champagne flute?

When purchasing good quality wine glasses or champagne flutes, the main signs of quality you're looking for are clarity of the glass.

You should also look for a narrower rim than bowl and a glass that's not too heavy.

Another thing is to ensure you've got a fine, polished rim and pulled stem glass with a smooth join at the base, that ultimately feels good in your hand.

Do you have to spend a fortune to get great looking glassware?

You don't have to spend a fortune; you just have to be savvy and do your homework on the different brands available.

If you can, go into store and actually pick the glass up in your hand and imagine drinking your favourite drink; run your finger around the rim, feel the joins, and look at the brilliance and clarity of the glass - you will be able to find a glass that suits you.

Buying in sets is often very cost effective too - and if you buy a couple of sets at a time, you don't have to stress about those inevitable mishaps.

Which shapes work best for elegant and casual entertaining?

Stemless glasses are still the most versatile glass, they can go from casual to elegant entertaining, from indoors to outdoors and summer to winter.

They are super stylish, lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold. And best of all, they won't tip over like a stemmed glass.

They are ideal for wine, water, whisky, gin and tonics, cocktails and even desserts.

How should you clean glassware?

Great glassware doesn't have to be hard to look after, you can find fantastic high quality glasses that are dishwasher safe.

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