The amalgamation of Windsor Golf Club and Windsor RSL is official

Windsor RSL and Windsor Golf Club will become one united club this month, with over 50,000 members, after its amalgamation received the final sign off from NSW Liquor and Gaming.

Following months of meetings and negotiations, the amalgamation will see the future of the golf club secured after they fell into financial difficulty in recent years.

United: Windsor RSL and Windsor Golf Club finalise its amalgamation. Picture: Supplied.

United: Windsor RSL and Windsor Golf Club finalise its amalgamation. Picture: Supplied.

"The priority was to ensure one of our community assets is retained and allow Windsor RSL to continue to grow local jobs and opportunities," said Windsor RSL President David Ingram.

"This is a historic event for the Hawkesbury, the uniting of our two clubs will ensure the golf club has a future and the members and staff of the golf club will continue to have a community asset together with staff continuing to have local jobs."

The golf club's board were focused on amalgamating with a local organisation, who have a strong understanding of the local area and the people and community.

After many years of financial hardship, Windsor RSL was in a financial position to be able to support the club and local community through an amalgamation.

The synergies between the two organisations and Windsor RSL's understanding of rebuilding after years of struggle were similar to what the golf club is currently facing.

Windsor RSL are looking forward to the coming weeks when they can re-open, after more than 3 months of lockdown and providing jobs for the people of the Hawkesbury.

"With two clubs, our staff requirements will increase significantly, so we will be looking for additional staff in the coming weeks," Mr Ingram said.

"We look forward to re-opening both clubs as we have many surprises in store for our members."