Big screen hopes for local actor in coming-of-age film

The director of a new feature film starring Hawkesbury local Baylee Arndt is hoping to secure distribution for the flick, called Cooked, with cinemas and streaming services.

The film was shot in Newcastle earlier this year and stars 22-year-old Mr Arndt as one of the lead characters, Eli, in a modern Australian coming-of-age story, the type of which Mr Arndt said "we haven't seen much" before.

"The film Cooked is about a group of best mates that finish high school and it's the last big night they will ever share together before they take the next step in their lives. The night tests their friendship as everything doesn't exactly go to plan," Mr Arndt said.

Director Cameron Utiger said: "It's the final HSC exam and with that the start of 'adulthood'. What better way to commemorate the end of this chapter than indulging in an 18th birthday party."

The film follows Ethan and his best mates - of which Arndt's Eli is one - as they throw themselves into their last big night together before they all go their separate ways.

"We are looking to secure distribution onto cinema screens and streaming services and if all else fails, we will enter the film into national and international festivals," Mr Utiger said.

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