Tokyo cycling crash investigators named

AusCycling has launched an investigation into Alex Porter's crash at the Tokyo Olympic Games.
AusCycling has launched an investigation into Alex Porter's crash at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

An engineer with experience in plane crash investigations will be part of the AusCycling probe into Alex Porter's shock crash at the Tokyo Olympics.

Porter was riding in the qualifying round of the men's team pursuit at the Izu Velodrome when the handlebar inexplicably snapped off his bike.

He face planted into the track at high speed and while he suffered some nasty friction burns among other wounds, Porter was lucky to escape more serious injury.

Australian went on to win bronze - their only track cycling medal at the Games - but the unprecedented accident dashed their hopes of contending for gold.

The debacle also set the tone for another disastrous Australian campaign in track cycling at the Olympics.

Melbourne-based company Bastion Cycles, which supplies components to the Australian cycling team, confirmed one of its handlebar units caused the crash.

Bastion said in a statement at the time that it was using all means available to investigate what happened.

Now AusCycling has announced mechanical and aeronautical engineer John Baker will be involved in its investigation.

AusCycling said in a statement that Baker has been involved in several air crash investigations.

"He has a long and successful history of targeted investigations that identify the causes and effects of equipment failures," the statement said.

The investigation will be led by Toni Cumpston, who is a veteran of high-performance management across several Australian sporting organisations.

Most recently, Cumpston resigned from her role as Hockey Australia high performance director in January, saying she had lost the confidence of the sport's board.

Her resignation came amid a tumultuous buildup to the Tokyo Games for Australian hockey, with an inquiry finding a dysfunctional culture exited within the elite women's program.

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