Students learning for life at Bligh Park Primary School

Established in 1991, Bligh Park Primary School still has a pretty steady enrolment of about 320 students.

Principal Joan Westerweller proudly points out that they have a very dedicated staff who are focused on the individual requirements of each and every child. Furthermore, the school also has a support unit with four classes in addition to the regular classes for each year group.

Similarly, "we are an inclusive school, and the students in the support unit are included in all school activities, whatever activity the mainstream are involved in the support unit students are encouraged to be involved and to just have a go and enjoy the activity," Ms Westerweller said.

There are many activities the school normally conducts or participates in.

"We have a strong dance group participate in a number of festivals throughout the year and the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod. The school participates in the (various sports) gala days conducted throughout the Hawkesbury, during the year.

"There are various debating and public speaking opportunities. We have a really active science club that meets during lunchtimes where our students conduct weird and wonderful experiments from bubbling goo to all sorts of things. The students love it."

At a much slower pace, "we run a calmer kids program to support students who may suffer from anxiety or need emotional support."

The school itself is well-equipped with various technology to enable students to engage in various activities, such as iPads to take the learning outside. They have a veggie garden to help students gain hands on experience and to learn where some of their food comes from and how it grows.

The school grounds are nice and flat providing easy access to all areas. There is a large sports field, along with interesting play areas, including a quiet play area for those who may prefer a quite place to talk with peers.

The school also has a strong relationship with the school's parent community. This relationship goes beyond the fantastic volunteers in the canteen, stall, fundraising activities and reading buddies. The P&C and parents/carers are very involved in decision making such as ongoing development of the school's four-year strategic plan.

Bligh Park is here for the children in their catchment area and can consider out-of-area enrolments, who have a sound reason to apply. The school is looking forward to processing the 2022 kindergarten intake from now.

If your child is definitely starting next year then please contact the school which will assist in school planning for 2022. If you're not sure if your child is ready for 2022 or whether you should wait for a 2023 start, contact the school office to discuss.