On a journey to excellence at Marian Catholic College

Faith-based learning: Marian Catholic College in Kenthurst has modern, state of the art facilities. Photo: Supplied
Faith-based learning: Marian Catholic College in Kenthurst has modern, state of the art facilities. Photo: Supplied

Marian Catholic College is a co-educational, comprehensive secondary school, providing quality, faith-based learning experiences that are built on a proud tradition of Catholic education and characterised by a commitment to innovation.

The College was established in 1988, which was proclaimed as the Marian Year of the Church and, as such, was named Marian Catholic College.

Mary was adopted as the College patron and, through special devotion to her, she is the school's model of discipleship and evangelisation, showing us how to "Walk with Christ" each day.

Marian Catholic College is situated in beautiful bushland with panoramic views of the Blue Mountains and the Nepean Plain.

The College has modern facilities to support the diverse curriculum it provides. The new state of the art building and specialist facilities feature flexible and open learning spaces that cater for different types of learners, where they aim to support, extend and challenge each student.

"At Marian, our mission is to challenge all learners to achieve personal excellence by providing opportunities balanced across the four areas of College life - mission, learning, the arts and sport," principal Jayne Campbell said. "We seek to engage and holistically educate our students, not only to achieve at school but, more importantly, to lead successful, satisfying lives as positive contributors to our society."

As visionary leaders in education, they focus on the growth of highly developed thinking and problem-solving skills, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to be future ready and lifelong learners.

Marian seeks to cater for different types of learners and is at the forefront of educational insights and research.

"Through extensive data analysis, we aim to know each student as a learner in order to maximise student learning growth and achievement. Innovative teaching practice and positive student-teacher relationships are key features of every classroom," Jayne said.

"We strategically deliver an innovative curriculum designed to meet the interests and needs of our students. This builds knowledge and understanding, and makes learning connections evident.

"There is a deep connection among our Marian family, founded on strong partnerships and positive relationships between our students, our dedicated and generous staff, our parents and our parishes. We find unity in our diversity and our inclusiveness - all welcomed, supported and celebrated within our Catholic Learning Community.

"Through education, we empower and inspire our students as they walk with Christ on their journey of personal excellence."