Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews provide a COVID update as the state records 209 cases

Once Victoria hits 70 or 80 per cent fully vaccinated, there will be less of a need to lock down communities and instead the government will look to "lock out" unvaccinated people.

"When we get to those vaccination double dose thresholds as part of the national plan, the notion of a lock down of the entire community is far less relevant, what will become a bigger part of our response is a lock out of many many venues for those who aren't vaccinated," he said.

"That might seem a bit harsh but I've said it before and I'll make the point again - I'm not going to lockdown to protect people who won't protect themselves."

Mr Andrews said by the time the state reaches 70 or 80 per cent everyone who wants to be vaccinated should have had the chance to get vaccinated.

He said the chance of them being able to book a table at a pub or buy tickets to a sporting event would be very, very limited.

Of the 208 local cases overnight, two were detected in Shepparton as part of the day 13 testing, and one person died.


There are currently 1180 active cases in Victoria.

COVID Commander Jerone Weimar said health authorities continue to monitor the Victorian-NSW border bubble.

"There were a series of changes made [recently] around the border bubble arrangements between Victoria and NSW," he said of the shrinking of the border bubble.

"Of course we continue, as we have been for a couple of months now, to be concerned about the risk of further incursion."

Mr Weimar said later on tonight the government would be reducing the categories of authorised workers able to get permits to cross the border.

He said more testing requirements would be put in place to ensure those crossing the border on working permits were tested within 72 hours.

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