Best videos from around Australia for August 27, 2021

VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: What do a couple of komodo dragons, a heart made of sheep and a pair of opal miners have in common?
VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: What do a couple of komodo dragons, a heart made of sheep and a pair of opal miners have in common?

It's been another hard week for news so we thought we'd compile some of our favourite videos of the week.

These are the videos that warmed our hearts or helped us forget the tragedy of all that's going on in the world for just a moment.

The Kraken 'meets' Daenerys

The team at The Australian Reptile Park on the NSW Central Coast may have succeeded in an Australian first this week, after they introduced (yes, that's what we'll call it) their two komodo dragons for breeding.

The species is vulnerable in the wild, and to our knowledge, successful mating has never happened in Australia.

Introducing the couple has been less than easy. Each time they come into contact, there is a high possibility that instead of getting down to the business, they will instead try to rip each other limb from limb. Which would be less than a successful situation by anyone's standards really.

Now that the pair have met and gotten acquainted (as it very much were), the team at the reptile park will be watching to see if Daenerys begins to dig out her nest before she can fulfill her name and truly become the mother of all dragons!

A living, breathing memorial

When Ben Jackson was prevented from attending his aunt's funeral this week, he turned his paddock into a living, breathing tribute to her.

He gathered his sheep into the shape of a heart to pay his respects for his beloved Aunt Deb.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Mr Jackson last saw his aunt in May when she had a window of opportunity to join him on his farm in Guyra, NSW.

"I just miss my aunt," Mr Jackson told Australian Community Media.

"The farm misses her."

We're not crying, you are.

Opal mining in the outback

Jaymin Sullivan and James 'JC' Caruana chucked in their jobs, moved to the small outback NSW town of White Cliffs in the hopes of striking it rich as opal miners.

Some of the specimens they've so far found in their travels have been spectacular, and are really lending some weight to their treasure hunting fairytale dream.

Australian Community Media's podcasters spoke to the duo for their series earlier this month.

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