Get tips and advice about choosing schools and childcare


Every year schools face new challenges - and embrace new ways - to keep their students on track and engaged in learning. And after last year it would seem parents have a better understanding of what an important role teachers have to play in their child's lives.

There's no doubt that under any circumstances choosing a school for your child is up there among life's toughest decisions. After all, it's a place where your child will spend a large chunk of their early years and which will have an influence on the people they will eventually become.

With that in mind you can pick up the latest issue of Schools on Show - From the Mountains to the Hills - in the paper today.

Inside you will see what many of the schools in your area have to offer, as well as pick up some tips about education in general.

The magazine also includes a section which offers some advice on helping your toddlers learn from everyday life - and how to choose the ideal preschool for them - and you.

You can read the magazine online here.

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