Kellyville Pets will play host to an adoption day for Greyhounds as Pets

Kerry Henderson with her good mate Joker.

Kerry Henderson with her good mate Joker.

It's only taken him a few months, but greyhound Joker is fast becoming the king of the Windsor peninsula, according to his somewhat biased and extremely loving mum Kerry Henderson.

Mrs Henderson adopted the easy going lad, formerly known as Lance, from Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) just before Christmas.

"They are the most beautiful dogs," she said. "He's just so easy and he's so friendly. He's got the most beautiful temperament.

"They [greyhounds] are just so easy to look after. I wanted a mature dog and GAP did a marvelous job. I didn't want a puppy because I'm in my 70s and we've always had big dogs. My last dog was a doberman.

"I always feel sorry when you go to the pound and all the little dogs are gone and the big ones are left."

Stories like that of Mrs Henderson and Joker, turning eight, are a great success for GAP, who with plenty of greys on their books, will host an adoption day in conjunction with Kellyville Pets on Saturday, May 29.

Mrs Henderson said Joker is walked twice daily and is well known for his zooms around the paddocks.

"In the morning after he's had a big run all he wants to do is get home and get on the front lounge - the day bed - and watch the world go by," she said.

"They are just gentle giants. He doesn't bark and he's just so happy to see you.

"It doesn't matter who comes to the house, they just fall in love with him ... but Joker's mine."

Adoption Day

The coming GAP adoption day [Saturday, May 29] is part of Kellyville Pets' ongoing plans to work with organisations to help find new homes for pooches.

The event will run at the Kellyville Pets site, 1-15 Millcroft Way, Beaumont Hills, from 9am to 2pm.

A number of greyhounds will be there on the day, with colour-coded collars to help singles, couples and families of all ages find their perfect match - based on lifestyle, the home and the dog's needs.

Blue colour-coded dogs are best matched with full-time workers, while red colour-coded dogs could be a perfect match for people who are home more often and ideal for those who already have a dog.

The GAP NSW team and volunteers will be there on the day to answer any questions and provide information about the greyhound fostercare and adoption process.

Dogs accepted into Greyhounds As Pets are first checked by a veterinarian and behaviouraly assessed for suitability as a pet.

They are then settled into pet life via a six week foster care program, where they learn house manners, including toilet training.

The greyhounds are then ready to find their forever homes.

Those interested in adopting should register at While at the site, you can also check out all of the sweethearts in need of a home.

For more information about the day visit the GAP website or