Bushfire control design sets highest Australian standard

GRAND DESIGN: Hawkesbury Chapel owner builder Simon Jones says you can't put a price on your family's safety.
GRAND DESIGN: Hawkesbury Chapel owner builder Simon Jones says you can't put a price on your family's safety.

Australian owned and operated, Bushfire Control has been providing fire protection since 2004.

With a passion for their field, the team offers a combined 75 years of experience in fire protection, with systems backed by technical support and a thorough understanding of relevant Australian Standards and Approval processes.

Their range of fire shutters, fire windows, doors and screens have been specifically designed not just to meet building code requisites, but to exceed minimum fire and smoke testing requirements as well.

The Warrior FZ Shutters are the most rigorously tested on the market, with the first tests conducted in 2009.

It is the only bushfire shutter tested at the CSIRO Mogo Bushfire Field Test site on a full-size house, and has since been tested in various configurations and wall types to ensure the largest range of applications for customers.

Bushfire Control's complete design knowledge, combined with their installation experience and maintenance services, ensure the seamless integration of fire systems into any project.

"It's a process we call the Full Life Cycle Service," a spokesman said.

That means every Warrior FZ Shutter is issued a Certificate of Compliance on completion of each installation to ensure it has been installed to meet the requirements of every applicable Australian standard.

"It is for these reasons we are recognised throughout the country as a solutions-oriented organisation, supporting architects, builders and home-owners alike in their design and installation," the spokesman said. Bushfire Control's work with the home of Lauren and Simon Jones - Hawkesbury Chapel - has been seen on the TV show Grand Designs Australia.

As Lauren tells it: "When our dream build was reclassified from BAL-40 to Flame Zone in the DA process we were devastated by the thought of compromising the aesthetics of our design by the inclusion of traditional external head box fire shutters.

"Then, Simon found Bushfire Control fire shutters that are not only Flame Zone rated but are able to be concealed within the build.

"After witnessing the devastating impact of the 2019/20 bushfires and an increasing desire to immerse ourselves in nature and seek a tree change, Bushfire Control is a game changer.

"The fully automated and concealed shutters help us to sleep easy, knowing our home is beautifully safe."

Partnering with leading local and international organisations, Bushfire Control's systems are designed and installed to satisfy fire and smoke control requirements, while meeting project objectives, including freedom of architectural design.

Details: www.bushfirecontrol.com.au.