Art of the landscape explored at Purple Noon Gallery

Lise Temple.
Lise Temple.

Abstracting The Landscape, the latest exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery features the works of South Australian Clare Purser and Queenslander Lise Temple.

Each of the artists is highly regarded for their works, which focus on the unique beauty of the Australian natural world.

In announcing the exhibition, which runs from now until May 30, the gallery stated via its website: "Relying on colour and texture to convey nature's essence, both contemporary painters exercise total and personal freedoms to explore new perspectives on the landscape.

"Their work hints at tactile naturalistic impressions, relying on sumptuous colour and texture to convey nature's essence. Both artists expand the notions of how landscapes are explored and understood.

"Without referencing traditional landscapes, they present abstracted images of their surroundings in the most pleasing and purposeful way."

The selected works show a connection with human emotions and nature.

"Whilst each artist seeks to create a composition that is different and very unique, there is always a familiarity from the natural world that grounds the painting and creates an instant recognisable relationship for the viewer," the Purple Noon site says.

"Abstract landscape paintings can offer the viewer another way of seeing the natural environment that allow them to go deeper into understanding an emotion.

"Often artists attempt to convey emotion in their work, rather than a reality; a demonstration of landscape painting as a perfect vehicle for the general artistic quest to convey the "sense" of a subject rather than its precise image. The painting becomes less representational and more expressive, and allow for a variety of interpretations at the inner level."

"Valley Pattern V" by Lisa Temple.

"Valley Pattern V" by Lisa Temple.

Lise Temple moved from the city in 2003 to make a new artistic life in rural South Australia.

She says that her practice has been highly influenced by the physical environment of the mid-north of the state.

"Initially I was moved by the vivid colours and atmospheric light," she shared via the Purple Noon site. "The broad views of its wide valleys lead me to develop a collage approach to representing landscape which has become a method of working that addresses time and movement in relation to place. I have also used a similar methodology to examine built environments and interior spaces.

"The studies represent my intention to constantly experiment with and broaden my technique. Painting from nature provides a different set of challenges which positively influences my studio work."

"Fassifern Valley II" by Clare Purser.

"Fassifern Valley II" by Clare Purser.

Living in Brisbane's Bayside area, Clare Purser says she is motivated to create works that are both evocative and intuitive, expressing emotive reactions to landscapes.

She completed an Honours degree in Visual Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, in 1996.

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The gallery itself is located at 606 Terrace Road, Freemans Reach.

It opens 10am to 5pm, Thursday and Friday, and 11am to 4pm on weekends.