History, energy and entertainment at first ever Richmond Regent ghost tours

Have you ever wanted to know what lurks in the ghost realm at the historic Richmond Regent Twin Cinema?

Rob Wilson of Ghost Territory Tours is bringing his wildly popular brand of ghost tours - made famous at Wilberforce's Rose Cottage - to the art deco-era theatre with Supernatural Showtime.

Mr Wilson said the tours at the Regent would be formatted similarly to the Rose Cottage experience with a history lesson first, followed by a tour of the theatre with spooky ghost stories, then patrons could become "honorary members of team PACT (Paranormal and Cryptid Task-force) for the evening, having their own ghost hunting kits to use during this exciting event".

The first lucky group to purchase tickets will be a part of the very first paranormal investigation held at Regent Theatre.

They might encounter the most well-known ghost, of a lady wearing a fancy mid-1900s dress and hat, which has been seen around the theatre.

"These sightings have been reported by customers and workers from the mid 1900s. Who is this lady? Is it always the same spirit? These are just some of the questions that PACT and Supernatural Showtime ticket holders are here to find out," Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said he was captivated by the Richmond Regent's heritage and energy, and was also a "massive movie buff".

"This is a trifecta of sorts for me, combining three of my absolute passions; history/heritage preservation, ghosts/paranormal and movies, making these events extra special for me," he said.

"I truly believe that ghost tours are without a doubt the best way to expose and educate casual groups about Hawkesbury/Australian history, the paranormal brings a fun element to the history subject, attracting people that wouldn't necessarily go out of their way to go to a library and learn about a heritage building, especially the younger generations who are essential to keeping these precious historical buildings and stories preserved for generations to come."

The premier on April 30 sold out in less than five days, but there are still tickets available for the next event on May 28. Mr Wilson hopes to make the event a bi-monthly occurrence.