Nominate a senior who help make Hawkesbury feel like home

Celebrating seniors.
Celebrating seniors.

"If you know a senior who helps make our community a better place to live, then I encourage you to nominate them," says Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston of the coming NSW Seniors Festival Local Achievement Awards.

She said that the awards aim to celebrate the work and achievements of seniors who "have gone above and beyond for our community as volunteers, carers and role models in a challenging year where our state has faced bushfires, flood, drought and a health pandemic".

Award categories include: Business; Health and Wellbeing; Community Service; Environment, Science or Agriculture; Lifelong Learning; and Carer, Fostering, Family.

The awards will be handed out during a presentation at Richmond Club on April 14, part of the activities that will be held during the NSW Seniors Festival [April 13-24].

Acting Seniors Minister Geoff Lee said that the festival and awards, highlight the importance seniors play within the community.

"This annual festival is about celebrating the positive impact of older people in our families and society," he said.

"These initiatives are a great opportunity for communities to celebrate their seniors and all the fantastic work they do for the Hawkesbury community."

Nominations close of Friday, April 2 and forms can be downloaded from