All about the story in the song for Linda Mizzi

Mountains-based singer-songwriter Linda Mizzi.

Mountains-based singer-songwriter Linda Mizzi.

Singer-songwriter Linda Mizzi will take to the Riverstone Schofields Memorial Club's auditorium stage on Saturday, March 6.

She'll be backed on the night by fellow musicians Alex Keller and Glenn Skarratt, in a three hour gig that kicks off at 7.30pm.

Based in Katoomba, Linda's music is predominantly folk, but with strong undertones of country and blues.

She tells stories through her music, with a strong lyrical emphasis. In her own words, the songs are upfront, honest, quirky and sometimes even confronting.

Some of her major influences include Patty Griffin, Gretchen Peters, Lucinda Williams, Lori McKenna, Sheryl Crow and Rickie Lee Jones.

"As most artists, we are here for the purpose to create - we can be down to nothing and still have so much inside that is untapped - for myself, this is usually music, words and the songs," says Linda on her website.

"Realistically we are not all fortunate enough to dedicate our time to this alone. And sometimes this can become frustrating but the balancing of it all is usually where the best songs come from.

"It's not the perfect life which culminates the best tunes. And a lot of artists get that. And for me personally, it has never necessarily been about the money (although it sure as hell helps with the process)."

Riverstone-Schofields Memorial Club is located in Market Street, Riverstone.

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