Windsor water tanker plan has Blue Mountains residents seeing red

A Fire and Rescue NSW plan that could see a new water tanker based in Windsor has Blue Mountains residents fuming.

Under the plan, tankers from Katoomba and Springwood would be moved to Windsor and Wallerawang.

While only a proposal, it has been met with strong resistance from our neighbours.

Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle described the proposal as "absolutely disgusting" when she addressed a group of about 30 residents and firefighters outside Springwood Fire Station last week.

"We want to send a message to government about the need to keep appliances that are needed in the Mountains, in the Mountains," said Ms Doyle.

"I am absolutely disgusted that anyone in government would suggest to Fire and Rescue that, where there are fire tankers needed in other areas, they could move our appliances from the most fire-prone area in the world... It is robbing Peter to pay Paul. I say to the government: If Windsor and Wallerawang need a water tanker, give it to them. Don't take it from our blokes."

The two tankers store more water than other fire appliances, meaning they can play a crucial role in incidents where there aren't nearby water hydrants.

There are also fears the number of retained firefighters at Katoomba and Springwood will be reduced if the water tankers are taken away.

Fire Brigade Employees' Union secretary Leighton Drury added his voice to the campaign.

"We are literally heading into the start of a fire season and the movement of this truck to somewhere else - along with the one at Katoomba - is an outrage," he said.

A Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) spokesperson said stakeholders would be consulted about the proposal before any final decision was made.

"Fire and Rescue NSW utilises a network of resources to address risk and periodically reviews these resource allocations to ensure best use of resources. As part of this process, options to change the location of resources within the zones have been proposed," said the spokesperson.

"These are operational decisions for FRNSW to consider as part of its service delivery."

The spokesperson said there will be no change to any firefighting resources or trucks during the current bushfire season.