Answer depends on questions you ask

More interesting: Sick of hearing your child did
More interesting: Sick of hearing your child did "nothing" all day? It might be time to ask more specific questions. Photo: Shutterstock

Ask your child what they did at school today, and it's likely you'll get this response: "Nothing".

When you hear this day after day, it's natural to question what's really going on in their school time.

But experts say it's a common response from kids - and it happens because they're tired or, for young ones, they've simply forgotten what went on.

But there's a better way to dig for insights to their day.

Instead of asking a general question like, "What did you do today?" or "How was your day?" try specific questions.

A more specific question will jog your child's memory, to guide them into telling you at least one thing about their day.

And it might just open up a wider conversation about their school life.

Some ideas include, "What was your favourite part of the day?", "Who did you enjoy spending time with today?", "What was something that frustrated you at school?" and "Is there something you need help with?"

Make sure you ask open questions - those that can't be simply answered with "yes" or "no" - to get the most out of your child.

Why bother? Well, finding out more about what's going on at school will give you an idea of how your child's social interactions are going, what they love about school life, and whether there's anything they're struggling with.

When you find out what's bugging them and which topics light them up as they talk, you'll know your young one a little better.