How to be water wise in your garden

Don't be a drip: how to be water wise in your garden

Australians are being encouraged to do their part in conserving water by looking at ways they can recycle this precious natural resource.

"As one of the driest populated continents on Earth, Australia's freshwater resources are under pressure to meet the demands of a changing climate and growing population," says Corinne Cheeseman, CEO of Australian Water Association.

"It's up to every Australian to do their bit to ensure water is being used sustainably and efficiently in and around the home. Making simple changes and taking easy steps will help reduce water consumption, decrease water bills, and protect our precious water resources."

"According to, on average, around 40 per cent of household water is used outdoors, so it is important to reuse and recycle this commodity as much as possible," adds Alyce Rigby, Nylex product manager.

"There are two ways to better manage water usage, the first is to use recycled water, which is either taken from rain tanks or has been cleaned with chemicals at a treatment plant and then provided back to homeowners via taps identified by their lilac or light purple colour, in accordance with Australian standards.

"The second, is the use of grey water, this waste water is taken directly from showers, bathroom sinks or washing machines in the home to use in gardens and lawns."

To help homeowners do their bit at home, Nylex has launched a range of lilac recycled water hoses, sprinklers and timers, which are ergonomically designed and UV treated to survive the Australian outdoors.

While the range's lilac colour helps homeowners identify them for use with recycled water, they are also suitable for use with mains water if required.

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BE AWARE: It's up to all of us to ensure water is being used efficiently at home.

BE AWARE: It's up to all of us to ensure water is being used efficiently at home.

Utilise grey water

Reducing freshwater usage around the home not only saves vital community water supplies, it can also decrease your household water bills.

Purpose-made hoses can be connected to washing machines and other outlet pipes to redirect grey water to your lawn as well as garden beds and vegetable patches.

Before using grey water in the garden, check what type of washing liquid or powder you use, as some chemicals will be harmful to your plants.

Water smarter, not harder

Be smart with how you set up and water your garden. Planting water-intensive plants on higher ground and plants that don't need as much water on lower ground means you can water from the top and let it flow down to the less water-intensive plants below.

Use water-efficient sprinklers

It's important to make sure your sprinklers and irrigation systems are water efficient to ensure you're not over-watering your garden and wasting water.

Save time

An easy way to save time while conserving water is by using a tap timer. Once set to a specific length of time, it can be left unattended and will automatically turn off, so you can get on with your day without accidentally over watering your lawn.