Stan Lee and Bob Bergen are among the top 10 box office stars at

Stan Lee. Picture: Supplied.

Stan Lee. Picture: Supplied.

At, the list of top stars at the worldwide box office begins with Stan Lee. But is Marvel Comics legend Lee really a "star"? He made cameos in a lot of the Marvel movies, and was credited as executive producer on many, too. But after his death, Marvel movies continued to do well, so, apart from the original creativity, his contributions were arguably not crucial. Robert Downey Jr is ranked number 6 but his Bruce Banner/Iron Man is a far more substantial role and he's also had a big non-franchise career.

Samuel L. Jackson, another member of the Marvel franchise, is number 2 on this list, appearing also in Star Wars, Incredibles and Jurassic Park movies, but for the most part in supporting/ensemble roles. He's also been prominent in many non-franchise films such as Pulp Fiction.

Frank Welker is number 3, but most people probably wouldn't recognise him or his name. The veteran and prolific voice artist has been heard as TV cartoon characters including Fred in the Scooby-Doo franchise. But he makes the movie list for his vocal contributions to the Transformers movies as well as such animated films as Aladdin and The Lion King.

Other voice actors are number 4 and number 5. In fourth place is John Ratzenberger who voiced Hamm in some of the Toy Story films and Bill in Finding Dory, among other roles. In fifth place is Bob Bergen, whose credits include voices in The Secret Life of Pets, Minions and Sing.

Warwick Davis is probably best known for the title role in Willow, but his number 7 status comes from various supporting roles in the Star Wars films and one of the Harry Potter series.

Alan Tudyk has made many films but is number 8 for voice roles in the Star Wars and Frozen movies, among others.

Scarlett Johanson is number 9 and is another prominent onscreen presence as Black Widow in the Avengers and Captain America series. She has also had a substantial non-franchise acting career in films such as Jojo Rabbit.

Completing the top 10 is another actor known best for his voice, being disguised by CGI in such franchises as Star Wars and The Hobbit. Know who?

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