Wardrobe essentials | Trending

Wardrobe essentials | Trending

Wardrobe essentials might refer to must-have clothes, but what if we put the threads aside and applied it more literally? Here's your definitive list.

Artiss velvet armchair, $259.95. A lush chair can be a beautiful addition to a walk-in robe or dressing room - just avoid the temptation to smother it in yesterday's clothes. amazon.com.au

Lugano chest, $2369. If space is an issue, look for sleek drawers that have enough room on top to act as a compact dressing table. boconcept.com.au

Lasso rattan mirror, $520. Hang the longest mirror you can fit in your space, enabling you to see as much of your outfit as possible. globewest.com.au

neatfreak! 16 shoe cubby, $69.95. Simple to assemble, this shoe box has a solid shelf on top for additional storage. Available at Bunnings.

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Velvet coat hangers, $50. Wire hangers be gone - instead invest in some with padding (kinder to your clothes) that are still thin enough so you can fit all your clothes. neueblvd.com.au

Linen mini diffuser, $18.95. Keep the morning ritual of getting dressed enjoyable by ensuring your walk-in wardrobe smells fresh. palmbeachcollection.com.au

Rattan laundry basket, $132. This hand woven basket is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. satara.com.au

Lavanda scented wax tablets, $45. Handcrafted wax tablets with the delicate scent of lavender, decorated with lavender flowers and rose blossoms. buy.smnovella.com.au

Ezoware foldable fabric storage boxes, $32.99. Keep smaller items such as neckties, scarves and other accessories organised in your wardrobe. amazon.com.au