Flower Sisters Vineyard offers flower arrangements for everyone - even dads

If you're looking for proof that business ingenuity is alive and well throughout the global health crisis, look no further than the Flower Sisters.

Sisters Jade (26) and Jessie (20) Schellnack lost their previous jobs due to the downturn, and now they have re-skilled and opened the Flower Sisters at Vineyard - a small, boutique florist specialising in floral arrangements for all types of occasions.

But while Jade had been working at a factory unit in logistics picking and packing and Jessie had been working as a telephone marketer before they were let go, the flower industry is nothing new for the ladies who grew up with a mum in the floristry game.

"Our mother is a florist up in the Central Coast, so we grew up around flowers and learning to put them together," Jade told the Gazette.

"So we came together and thought, this is exactly what we need to start our business."

While Jade had been living in the Hawkesbury for years, her sister is now on-the-hunt for a place to call home in the area.

They put all their savings into renovating the shopfront and installing signage, and they are hoping they have the winning formula to make it a long-term success.

The ladies' mum used to be a TAFE teacher in floristry, and the sisters learnt directly from her.

"We know what people want and what people like - they like bunches that are different," said Jade.

"One florist could focus on natives and one will do only a city theme on lilies and roses, whereas we do all of it. From dried arrangements, to bright and colourful with roses, to natives, we go in all directions and broaden our horizons and make things for everyone.

"We also do a lot of things that you might not have seen before.

"I even have people come in and buy flowers for their fathers - I do dried arrangements so they'll keep, and they can put some fishing equipment in there for example. I also get women buying flowers for their partners - we cater for such a broad range of tastes."

Jade was meant to take over her mum's florist business up north but, after 35 years in the game, her mum isn't looking like she will retire any time soon.

And now, Jade has fallen in love with the Hawkesbury.

"I honestly don't think I can see myself moving back to Central Coast anytime soon. It's such a small community up there and everyone knows each other; its a lot bigger area here, and there are more things to explore and go out and whatnot," she said.

"The Hawkesbury is like the country but it's still near the water. It has everything you need - a river, cafes, a tight-knit community that is also big. I just love it."

Flower Sisters is at 404 Windsor Road, Vineyard. Call 0475 669 269.